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Embedded Bathtub Installation steps Embedded Bathtub Shopping Guide

by:KingKonree     2019-12-11

Many friends nowadays like to buy embedded bathtubs. Do you know what the installation steps of the embedded bathtub are? What do you need to pay attention to? If you don't know, you can't miss it. The introduction of Xiaobian.

Built-in bathtub installation steps

1. After the pipeline is completed, make up the grooved part for waterproofing, and check the 24-hour water storage to ensure no leakage.

2. Paving the bricks according to the normal procedure and finishing.

3, install the bathtub: use a foam brick to pad the bathtub. The height of the bathtub is generally within 600mm. Connect the water to the water and keep it open. Then use a foam brick to build a wall plaster. Be careful to leave the inspection hole at the corresponding position of the down pipe, about 250x300mm.

4. What materials are used on the table, you can use the same type of wall tiles, mosaic, artificial stone, marble, stainless steel, etc., depending on the style you like.

Precautions for installing the embedded bathtub

1. The low wall around the bathtub or the ribs should have sufficient supporting force, and the surrounding sand should be compacted and compacted;

2. Do not use brick or other hard objects to support the bottom of the bathtub to avoid damage to the glaze during use;

3, the bottom of the bathtub and the four peripheral corners should be in full contact with the force;

4. Note that the joints of the overflow pipe and the drain pipe are tightly connected;

5. Leave a water inspection port when you apply the tile. In order to look good on the surface, you can use glue to stick the tile on the inspection port, so that it can not be seen from the outside, and it is convenient to remove the tile during maintenance;

6. Install the water fittings before placing the bathtub, and do a 24-hour water shut-off test to see if there is water leakage at each joint;

7. When placing the bathtub, note that the end of the drain is slightly lower than the other end. The outer end is slightly lower than the inner end;

8. The actual size of the bathtub may not be exactly the same as the nominal size. When purchasing and installing, first measure it on site and reserve normal tolerances for easy installation.

9, the lower pipe is preferably slightly inverted s type, this can prevent back odor.

Embedded bathtub purchase guide

1) Water capacity: Generally, the full water capacity is around 230-320L. There is no shoulder in the water when entering the bath. The bathtub is too small, people are uncomfortable in it, and when they are too big, there is a feeling of floating instability. The height of the water outlet determines the height of the water capacity. If the length of the bathroom is insufficient, a bathtub with a large width or a deep depth should be selected to ensure that the bathtub has sufficient water.

2) Gloss: Know the quality of the material by looking at the surface gloss, suitable for any kind of bathtub. Cast iron enamel is considered to be the best finish.

3) Smoothness: Whether the surface of the hand touch is smooth.

4) Firmness: Press the foot and press the foot to test the firmness. The tightness of the bathtub is related to the quality and thickness of the material. The visual inspection is invisible. You need to try it yourself. In the case of gravity, such as standing in, whether there is a feeling of sinking. Steel is a hard and durable material. The steel bathtub has a ceramic or enamel cover. If you have the financial ability, it is best to buy a thicker steel bathtub.

5) There are left and right sides of the skirt: the skirt is divided as follows: When facing the wall where the bathtub is facing, if the water outlet is on the left side of the person, you need to buy the left skirt bathtub, and vice versa. Side bath.

6) Bathtubs with anti-slip measures should be chosen, especially for the elderly.

The above small series introduced the installation steps of the embedded bathtub, and also told everyone how to choose the embedded bathtub. I hope that through the introduction of Xiaobian, you can better purchase the embedded bathtub.

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