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Embedded bathtub installation analysis to create a comfortable bathing space

by:KingKonree     2021-05-15

Built-in bathtub can effectively expand the home space, but the built-in sanitary ware has a big difficulty, and the later maintenance and treatment are more difficult. Grasp the detailed installation steps of the built-in bathtub, which is essential for creating a comfortable bath. The editor specially brings you a detailed explanation of the installation of the built-in bathtub. Enjoying a comfortable bath is as simple as that!

1. Precautions for installing an embedded bathtub

1. The low wall or reinforcing ribs around the bathtub must have sufficient support, and the surrounding sand must be compacted;

2 、Do not use bricks or other hard objects to support the bottom of the bathtub, so as not to damage the glaze during use;

3. 4. Pay attention to the tight connection of the overflow pipe and the drain pipe;

5. Leave a drainage access port when attaching tiles. In order to look good on the surface, you can use glue to stick the tiles on the access opening so that it cannot be seen from the outside, and it is convenient to remove the tiles during the overhaul;

6. Install the drain accessories before placing the bathtub. And do a 24-hour closed water test to see if there is water leakage at the joints;

7. When placing the bathtub, make sure that one end of the drain is slightly lower than the other end. The outer end should be slightly lower than the inner end;

8. The actual size of the bathtub may not be exactly the same as the nominal size. Please measure it on the spot when purchasing and installing, and reserve the normal Tolerance to facilitate installation;

9, the downpipe ** is slightly inverted s-shaped, so as to prevent back odor.

Second, the installation method of the embedded bathtub

1. Preparations

We must choose the suitable bathtub according to the size of the bathroom in advance, don’t look at anything Buy the product when it looks good. Secondly, we must pay attention to leaving other space in the bathroom, so that we can place other furniture in the future. **After that, we are ready to install the wrench, wire, bricks and tiles necessary for the installation of the built-in bathtub.

2. Method steps

The installation of embedded bathtub should take into account factors such as load-bearing, waterproof, maintenance, aesthetics, and performance. Most of them are installed at one end of the bathroom. Specific steps:

⑴. After the pipeline is completed, the slotted part is patched for waterproofing, and the 24-hour water storage test ensures that there is no leakage.

⑵, we first build an outline with bricks and cement, paste our favorite tiles on the periphery of the skirt, and build a platform with tiles inside the outline.

⑶. Use foam bricks to cushion the bathtub. The height of the bathtub is generally within 600mm. Connect the upper and lower water and keep it unobstructed. Then use foam bricks to build the walls and plaster them. Pay attention to the maintenance hole in the corresponding position of the sewer pipe, about 250x300mm.

⑷, wait until the cement is dry, after stabilization, we will connect the embedded bathtub sewer pipe, and click it point-to-point into the pre-built outline.

⑸ What kind of material is used on the table, you can use the same style of wall tiles, mosaic, artificial stone, marble, stainless steel, etc., depending on the style you like.

⑹. Put glass glue on the wall contacted by the installation of the embedded bathtub, which can effectively prevent the bottom from being wet and can effectively extend the service life of the bathtub.

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