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EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Mononer

by:KingKonree     2020-06-29
EPDM lay flat roofing sheets are best for flat roofs. However, there are cases where the roof surface is not perfectly flat or has been damaged with severe cracks in several places. EPDM roofing sheets may cover up the roof but will not fill the cracks. Uneven surfaces may not allow solid contact between the sheets and the roof surface and air pockets will eventually work the EPDM sheet loose. The best alternative in such cases is to go in for an EPDM liquid rubber coat. EPDM liquid rubber is available in convenient packaging. It can be applied with a simple brush or trowel, spreads easily, cures in hours and gives a flat, even surface. Given its liquid properties, it fills up minor and major cracks and forms a permanent seal. Clean the roof, scrub it free of debris, let it dry and commence application. There is no need for a primer or any adhesive. EPDM liquid rubber in itself is an adhesive that bonds with wood, metal, clay, cement and stays firmly affixed. EPDM liquid rubber is waterproof and stays that way for years. There is no need to apply any protective topcoat. Even if water puddles, there is no need to worry. EPDM liquid rubber can be applied as a single coat or multiple coats until the desired thickness is achieved. This means you can control costs and yet obtain results far superior to any other materials in terms of performance and durability, with a fully conformal, seamless layer. Epdm liquid rubber is easy to apply. Only a single coat is necessary in most cases. It costs less, needs less labor and effort and provides lasting results. An added advantage is that one can add tints to the liquid mix to give the desired color to the roof. Flat Roof Repair liquid rubber flat roof treatment solution does not give off any toxic fumes while curing and it cures at normal temperatures. It can be applied to vertical, contoured surfaces just as easily as it can be applied to flat roofs. EPDM liquid rubber is available in five gallon drums and a gallon easily covers around 45 square feet. It fills up cracks and does not shrink on curing. Apply once and be rid of all roof leakage issues permanently. If there is a wonder material for flat roof treatment, it is EPDM liquid rubber.
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