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European style washbasin and other European style home improvement products

by:KingKonree     2021-04-13

European-style sinks are a style of sink that many people love very much now. So what are the characteristics of European-style sinks and how to design them?

Features of European-style washbasins

1. As an important home furnishing genre, European-style classicism continued from the 17th century to In the 19th century, the characteristics of the washbasins of the royal family and nobles pursued luxury and elegance in a solemn manner, revealing the historical traces of European traditions and profound cultural heritage.

2. The European-style neoclassical washbasin abandons the overly complicated texture and decoration, and simplifies the lines. Combining classical style with personal unique style and modern spirit, although it has classical curves and curved surfaces, it lacks classical carvings and uses more straight lines of modern sinks.

3. European-style rural sinks discard the glitz and complexity of Baroque and Rococo styles, emphasize the unique cultural connotation of Europe as a whole, and are influenced by traditional handicrafts and adopt modern advanced technology to make European-style rural The sink is more graceful, elegant and noble.

4. Also known as the simple European style washbasin, the European-style minimalist washbasin is in the same line as the European classical style washbasin, and is similar to the American-style washbasin. Natural solid wood texture, without losing nobleness and elegance. A simple but not simple design style is realized.

The design of European style washbasin

1. European style features, the main color is warm color, the area of u200bu200bwashbasin Very large, the mirror on the sink surface creates a luxurious feeling. The toilet background wall is designed with a small storage cabinet that can hold some toiletries. The bathtub background wall is paved with light yellow marble slabs. Perfectly combined with the ground, the chandelier in the bathroom makes the whole light shine and increases the feeling of space. Gives a high-profile atmosphere.

2. Choose a dark color as the main color. The bathroom bathing area is separated by a transparent shelf. The background wall of the bathing bath is paved with patterned marble. The bathroom has two countertops for washing hands. There is no need to line up to wash, the washbasin is paved with dark dark floral series around the washbasin, and the chandelier in the washroom highlights the European-style atmosphere. The floor of the bathroom is paved with diamond-shaped antique tiles. The whole design drawing gives a sense of high-end luxury.

Introduction of some other European-style home improvement products

Furniture: It should be commensurate with the European-style details on the hard decoration and should be selected The dark colors, western retro patterns and very westernized modeling furniture are in harmony with the big atmosphere and tone.

Wallpaper: You can choose some more distinctive wallpaper to decorate the room. For example, the wallpaper painted with Bible stories and characters is a typical European style. In North American style, stripes and broken flowers are also very common.

Lamps: The shiny steel lamps are a big failure, and they are incompatible with the European style. The gorgeous and broken crystal lamps are best not to be used. It can be a light with a softer shape or a soft light, like a wrought iron branch lamp, which has a little shape and a little austere.

Decorative paintings: The rooms decorated in European style should be matched with cumbersome lines and thick-looking frames. And it does not exclude gold, carving, or even looking grander, on the contrary, this is precisely the style.

It seems that you really have to work hard to create a romantic European style bathroom that you like. If you are also a friend who likes European-style home decoration, go and buy a favorite European-style bathroom sink to install in your home.

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