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Every family has the cleaning products with different

by:KingKonree     2020-07-05
fancy soap Many young females don't like having a shower with fancy soap; they are more like to have a hubble-bubble bath lying in bathtub. However the materials in fancy soap are usually natural materials, while the foam agent using during hubble-bubble bath is different. The foam agent is very fragment, while the flavoring agent might lead to chafing, dizziness and so on. Lying in bathtub for a long time, the body will contact with foam agent for a long time, contained harmful chemical material 'foam stabilizer' will permeate to skin and breathe to lung. Toothpaste Gum disease will cause heart disease; the harm of gum disease brings to heart health will heavier than smoking and cholesterol. What's more, Gum disease will add the risk of apoplexy, osteoporosis, breath disease and diabetes and so on. Several active ingredients in toothpaste make people worry a lot. The chemical material'laurinol sodium dulfate' which extensively used in toothpaste will lead to gastrointestinal disease and hepatotoxicity, and make mouth easy to fester. Abrasive material in toothpaste is supposed to harm gum. Gel Gel is a product that dissolves plastic material in solution, then place in a bottle which have been pressured. There is a kind of chemical material that will destroy body hormone's normal secretion in gel, which is called Phthaloyl. According to the statistics of scientists, barbers who contact with gel frequently are easier to have respiratory illness. Besides, you need to pay attention to one thing, because during using gel, general processing is spurt, and then finalize the design with hand, so the harmful chemical material will harm nails. Shampoo Shampoo no matter is cheap or expensive, is mixture of cleanser and other composition. Like foam agent used in hubble-bubble bath, if the shampoo is opening stored for a long time, the formaldehyde will easy to have a chemical reaction with emulsify composition in shampoo, and a kind of carcinogen material named 'N-nitroso diethanol amine'. Shampoo is a common cleaning products used in our daily life, so the health problem bring by it should be pay more attention.
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