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Everyone likes collecting different things, be

by:KingKonree     2020-09-17

Susan Lordi, the creator of popular figures, has chosen to name her creations after the willow tree due to its history, meaning and outstanding qualities. Most of its figurines stand upright and columnar and their texture as well as material remind very much of a willow tree. It can even be said that they are metaphorical representations of nature and this fact is proven by figurines holding animals, plants, flowers and fruits as well as other simple but meaningful objects.

Furthermore, the willow tree has always been associated with femininity, deep emotions and rebirth, which now provide willow tree figures with its meaning and value. This line of figures is known for its startling beauty yet simplicity. Although all of the figures don't possess facial features, their meaning and value are conveyed through the body position and movement. As a result, sometimes it's possible to see the quiet joy on the mother's face as she holds her newborn infant or feel the contented smiles of the couple celebrating 50 years of their marriage together. Although these emotions aren't written in their faces, but viewers can feel them through their meaningful gestures.

Angels are perhaps one of the most widely known willow tree figures, often chosen as great gifts and memorable keepsakes. They have the same distinctive qualities as the other figurines of the willow tree line and are the widest in their range. They can be given as symbols of learning, light, Christmas spirit, freedom, harmony, hope, healing and many others. They can also make perfect gifts for a housewarming party or baby shower or might be given as a simple token of friendship.

One of the best things about willow tree figures is that there is a piece for just about any occasion. It's possible to find pieces to give as gifts for national holidays or to express thanks, sympathy, love, etc. There are pieces that make touching teacher gifts or keepsakes for expectant moms. Some are especially tailored for Mother's and Father's Days like Child's Touch, Close To Me, Father And Son and others. Undoubtedly, any occasion is the right time to give a willow tree figurine, be it a big national holiday or a small family celebration.

However, customers aren't limited to only willow tree figures in their choice. There's a whole assortment of other products from hand carved keepsake boxes to plaques that can adorn walls and shelves of any home. All willow tree creations are extremely affordable and collecting enthusiasts can consider having them for their seasonal collections. There are a lot of websites offering the willow tree line at very reasonable prices and providing information about the creator and her works of art.

All in all, willow tree collectables are very popular and extremely classy. They can be given as gifts for many different occasions and with a wide range of figures, plaques and boxes available it's possible to find an item able to suit any taste and budget.

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