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everything, plus the kitchen sink

by:KingKonree     2020-05-10
A little California dream.
Arnold said he wanted them to throw him everything but the kitchen sink, but when they dug out the fumbling stories and his compliments on Hitler\'s public speaking skills, I think I \'ve probably seen the kitchen sink go by as well.
I was asked, why did the media take these things out?
Is it really fair?
It\'s hard to say, but it\'s hard to avoid when the campaign comes down to no more than which candidate is most famous.
There was a time when politicians started from the place and if there were skeletons they would come out.
Local leaders don\'t want them to embarrass the party and tell the flawed candidates to find other jobs, which is usually the end.
But now, the candidate no longer needs the support of the local boss, and the campaign does not have to get more than who can get it on TV.
American trend NewsS.
The drone shot down 2019 NBA rookie police officers to kill the women\'s World Cup and become candidates no longer need money, celebrities and the will to use them.
This means that candidates can reach the highest level of politics without a real review.
But that doesn\'t last the entire campaign, even a short one.
The campaign must be for something, and the candidate will always point the reporter to the skeleton in the background of another person, saying fairly or unfairly that some of them will come out.
In the past, it happened at the beginning of a movement;
It\'s finally here.
And it gets annoying.
But don\'t blame the media for this.
The mistake here is not how to cover the activity.
This is about what we allow modern politics to be.
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