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faux marble flooring

by:KingKonree     2020-04-09
Artificial marble floor, more than 30 pieces-year-
Old 12 x 12 tiles, coated with adhesives on concrete.
I find any marbling technique very difficult.
Making a floor is too difficult for my arthritis and fibromyalgia.
It took me 10 years to come up with this marble pattern.
It\'s simple and fast.
A lot of work, but not difficult.
The result is amazing. It looks good.
Because I finished this work some time ago, I will show you the presentation pictures on cardboard.
Material table: Zinsser alkyd enamel-for base coat (tinted tan)
Beige acrylic white acrylic paint dark brown acrylic paint masking tape - I used a quarter inch tape I bought from a quilt website.
Contact paper for mask design.
The artist brushed several copier paper plastic food bags with polyurethane for the floor: I made a 20 x 21 foot area.
Supplies cost me about $200 to $250.
The new floor costs me ten times as much.
I hate buying what I can do. 1.
First, clean the floor and remove the wax before painting.
I used Zinsser alkyd paint because the floor was very high. -traffic area.
Paint the whole area.
Zinsser is indestructible.
I dyed it the color of the cement paste I wanted.
Let the paint solidify for a few days.
If you spray paint on floors, countertops or other glossy areas, you should use products like Zinszer.
If you don\'t paint the floor and it won\'t wear out, you can use acrylic paint.
Cover the grouting line.
Use contact paper to cover small tiles of alternating colors.
The grouting line is included in the measurement.
Any design is possible, use your imagination.
Unfortunately, I took apart the small square bricks printed from the computer and opened them on the floor. They didn\'t wear very well. 2.
Now the fun begins. (
A little practice will help.
Rotate the cream acrylic acid in the tile area.
Swirl on white acrylic, a little whiter than cream.
Apply some brown acrylic paint to the tile.
You don\'t have to be neat or perfect.
In fact, being a perfectionist is an obstacle to the project. 3.
Take a plastic shopping bag right away and twist the top so that you have a balloon. (
Air intercepted)at the bottom.
Start pounding paint with bags(
Up and down, not across)
Till the tiles are completely covered with paint.
Please don\'t rotate or move the plastic bags. Don\'t move the other bags up or down. 4.
Now magic, make lines: Quick, take a torn copy paper and gently put it on the tile.
Each tile should have its own texture pattern. .
Draw a thin white line along the edge of your tears and push it from paper to tile with your brush.
Slightly pounce on shopping bags along the line.
Tear the paper apart.
This will pull up some acrylic paint to form a translucent area.
That\'s why it really looks like marble.
Before starting this process, I\'ll tear off a pile of paper because you don\'t want the paint to be too dry.
I made short tears, long tears, and double tears.
I put on one, two or three blood vessels, anything that fits my imagination.
Don\'t cross one tile through another.
It won\'t happen in real marble tiles. Every one will be different. 5.
After drying, tear off the tape.
Apply several layers of polyurethane to the painted floor.
The floor is as wear-resistant as iron.
As you can see in the third photo, the polyurethane on the right deepens the color and increases the depth of the marble. 6.
If you want to create patterns with different color tiles, please choose the contrast color, remove the contact paper square mask and cover the grouting line around the square.
I\'ll use wide tape so that you don\'t paint on the surrounding tiles.
Use the drawing method above to draw decorative squares in different colors.
Your imagination on this project is limited.
If it weren\'t for such a big project, I would enclose the whole floor.
Have a good time. Look at all kinds of marbles and paint with at least three colors.
Keep in mind that the color of the cement paste affects the translucent area.
It\'s well dressed. I re-
Every few years a layer of polyurethane is coated on the tile.
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