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Federal Brace is expanding its product selection

by:KingKonree     2020-08-21

By the end of the year, Federal Brace plans to add sixteen shelf bracket styles, some of them modeled after your favorite kitchen countertop supports, matching the countertop supports in your kitchen to the shelves in the rest of your house can be achieved.

How are they structured differently? First of all, you'll notice a considerable weight difference between Federal Brace and Box-Store Brackets. The Federal Brace shelf support bracket is made out of a twelve-gauge material while the standard box store bracket is made out of a thinner material. The Federal Brace shelf bracket mount is a wider dimension. This provides greater strength and stability to your shelves. Federal Brace Shelf Brackets make the wood or plastic counterparts look like toothpicks - in my opinion.

Federal Brace shelf brackets give you a choice, and a benefit in a brushed stainless finish that matches nicely with standard stainless and brush nickel finishes. They provide the stainless steel option, knowing that customers are willing to pay for a certain type of look. You will notice that Federal Brace has less dings than store bought corbels, because of the care involved with the finishing the brackets, and the fact that they are not shipped in containers from overseas. Not to forget, the bracket is constructed with plug welding which gives a weld free finish on the face of the bracket.

Federal Brace knows that some homeowners want to have heavier shelving applications. You can support wood, glass, marble, granite and no weak substitute will do for any of these applications. Some may point out the price comparison, that's fine, because as the old adage goes, ' you get what you pay for.' So, when your shelves matter, go with Federal Brace Shelf Supports. ~ www.federalbrace.com

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