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Feiyasi|Toilet purchase skills, purchase needs to pay attention to these aspects

by:KingKonree     2021-10-24
Feiyasi|Toilet purchasing skills When purchasing, you need to pay attention to these aspects. A good toilet contributes to the warm home environment. It can be said that it is a great contribution. Every household has a toilet, which is really not good, at least there is a squat toilet. However, the problems faced in purchasing a toilet are not small and have not yet been completely resolved. For example: What are the toilet selection techniques? What issues should be paid attention to when purchasing a toilet seat? Do you know how to solve this problem? Today we will take a look at what are the techniques of toilet purchase. Toilet buying skills-to buy a favorite toilet from the sewage, you first need to understand the way the toilet is discharged. There are two types of toilet drainage: direct drainage and siphon. The two methods have their own characteristics. The direct drainage is a strong drainage, which can be cleaned with a small amount of water, and the drainage speed is very fast, but the disadvantage is that the sound is super loud and the deodorization effect is relatively poor; while the siphon drainage method, Need to use more water, its advantages are silent sewage discharge, low sound, good deodorization effect; its disadvantages are long sewage pipes, easy to block, and more water-consuming. Normally, the editor personally tends to siphon sewage, because the sound is small and it will be less embarrassing. As long as the toilet paper is not thrown into the toilet, the possibility of clogging is very small. Toilet buying skills-from the appearance of the toilet, this is an age to look at. Of course, buying a toilet is no exception. When buying a toilet, you can focus on the glaze of the toilet. The glazed surface of a good toilet is calcined at a high temperature and is integrally formed, so the glazed surface of the toilet is smooth, flat, without bubbles, and no synapses, and you can reach into the toilet to feel it, because if the internal glaze If the noodles are not good, you will find that the sewage is not clean, easy to crack, discolor, etc. after using it for a period of time. Finally, put your hand into the drain outlet to check whether it is smooth. Generally speaking, the situation inside the drain outlet is invisible, so it is more likely to cause problems. If the drain outlet is still smooth and flat, you can rest assured. Toilet buying skills-toilet weight The quality of the toilet can also be reflected from the simple weight. The weight of an ordinary toilet is about 30KG, and the weight of a good, high-quality toilet is about 40-50KG, so when you buy a toilet, you can understand the weight of the toilet and judge its quality by weight. Toilet buying skills-toilet brand If you find the above mentioned very troublesome, then the last method may be your life-saving straw. I don’t look at any other techniques. I only buy big-name products, such as FIAS. Generally speaking, the quality of such big-name products is guaranteed. Summary: The above is the toilet purchasing skills. When purchasing, you can also chat and communicate with the product sales staff to learn more. (
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