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Feng Shui taboos you have to know about bathtubs

by:KingKonree     2021-05-12

Many people feel that their new life has begun after the house has been renovated, and will be a happier life in the future; but you have not noticed that there may be factors in your house that you can’t see affect you Happy life, such as your bathtub.

Don't choose the expensive one, just choose the right one.

When choosing a bathtub, the first thing to consider is the brand and material. This is usually determined by the purchase budget; the second is the size, shape and location of the faucet hole. These elements are determined by The layout and objective size of the bathroom are determined; after **, you must choose the style and comfort of the bathtub according to your own interests and preferences.

In modern bathtub styles, there are mainly two styles, the independent footed design and the style inlaid on the ground. The former is suitable to be placed in a house with a large bathroom space, preferably in the middle of the entire space, this arrangement can bring users unparalleled enjoyment of nobles; while the latter is suitable for placement in a bathroom of average size. If conditions permit, place it next to the window.

If you like to be immersed in deep water, check the height of the waste outlet. In addition, there are convenient faucet designs, armrests of different shapes and sizes for you to choose from. If you like a bathtub installed in a corner, you should know that it takes up more space than a rectangular bathtub. Check whether the bathroom allows you to use this bathtub.

Feng Shui taboo reminder: Bathroom feng shui talks about no storage of water, but it is actually just that, that is, you should not be controlled by bad emotions, so use the ritual of taking a bath to change your mood for yourself. Whenever the ancients encountered serious occasions, they always paid attention to 'showing and changing clothesIf you regard bathing as a kind of exercise for emotional health care, then you must let go of the dirty water after sex, which symbolizes that all the bad things have gone with the water and you have become a brand new self.

By extension, the deep meaning of this feng shui principle is to tell people to say goodbye to all bad things thoroughly, not to drag things on, nor to leave troubles in the future.

Therefore, decoration owners must remember to drain all the dirty water after taking a bath, and it is best not to keep sewage in the house on weekdays. This violates the taboo of household feng shui and will give yourself And the family has a bad influence.

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