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FIAS|The bathroom was instantly tall, it turned out to be a hidden shower

by:KingKonree     2021-10-24
FIAS|The bathroom was so tall that it was installed with a concealed shower head. As we all know, many people like to install a shower head in the bathroom. After working for a whole day, they want to go back to the bathroom and make a hot water. Bath, so the role of the shower can be imagined how important it is. Traditionally, we would choose to install an integral shower head, but now there is a new type of hidden shower head that is more fashionable. Then, why should a hidden shower head be installed in the bathroom? 1. What is a hidden shower? The entire pipeline of the hidden shower head is embedded in the wall, and there is only one sprinkler and switch on the outside, which gives the whole bathroom a simple style, which is more suitable for a small bathroom, because the bathroom is small in size and the water pipe is inserted into the wall. Part of the space is saved, and the overall effect of the shower room is beautiful and generous. 2. Why should a concealed shower be installed in the bathroom? 1. Aesthetics: Hidden shower head>Integral shower head The installation method of the integral shower head is exposed, which means that its pipe fittings are exposed outside, which greatly reduces the visual effect. Unsightly feeling. The concealed shower is concealed, the pipe is buried in the wall, and only the shower nozzle and valve are outside, which is much more beautiful than the integral exposed installation. 2. Space saving: Hidden shower head>Integral shower head Why is this? It is easy to explain that the hardware accessories of the hidden shower are hidden in the wall and will not take up too much space in the bathroom. And because of the more exposed accessories, the integral shower head occupies more bathroom space, which makes people feel depressed and reduces the activity space. 3. Maintenance: integral shower head>concealed shower head. This is also the reason why hidden shower heads are not popular now. The accessories are all in the wall. If there is a problem with the shower head, it is not easy to maintain and maintain. The shower will save a lot of worry. 4. Cost: Integral shower head>Hidden shower head, not to mention, the installation procedure of hidden shower head is much more complicated. Naturally, the corresponding cost is also higher. If you have money, don’t worry about it. Sprinkle the pipe hidden in the wall. But if it is cost-effective, the integral shower is better. 3. The installation method of the concealed shower is quite simple, that is, all the pipelines are concealed in the wall, and only a water control handle is left outside the wall, so you only need to hold the shower to shower. But there are many points to pay attention to when installing: 1. Do not install the cold and hot water supply pipes in reverse. Generally, there are cold and hot signs on the faucet. If there is no sign, the hot water pipe is on the left facing the faucet, and the cold water pipe is on the right. 2. After installation, it is best to remove the foamer and the shower head first to allow the water in the pipe to flow out, flush out the impurities, and then install them. 3. When connecting the sprinkler water inlet hose, do not wrap the sealing tape, just tighten the nut by hand, no wrench is needed, so that the hose will not be damaged. 4. If you are using a thermostatic faucet, it is recommended to use a manometer to measure the water supply pressure of the cold and hot pipes separately. If the pressure difference between the two is more than 2bar (0.2MPa), it is best to install a pressure reducing valve to adjust. 5. If heating and welding are required during installation, don't forget to remove the valve core and other plastic parts first. 6. Before the faucet enters the wall, the depth of the faucet buried in the wall specified in the manual should be followed, and the connection part of the faucet should be pressure tested to check for leakage and repair. Don't forget to empty all the air in the pipe and faucet during the pressure test. 4. How to choose shower? 1. It is best to use 150° chrome plating on the surface of the surface coating. It can keep high temperature for 1 hour without blistering or wrinkle, and it will not corrode even if it is monitored by acetic acid salt spray for 24 hours. Therefore, you can look at its gloss and smoothness when choosing, and a bright and smooth shower head means that the quality is better. 2. It can be seen that the water method is different because the internal design of the shower is different, so pay attention to the water outlet method when choosing the shower. The spraying method of the shower can be selected according to the needs and favorites of the self. The natural and comfortable rain type, the energetic massage type, the comfortable and warm spray type, the invigorating and soft water column type, and the water-saving state. Drip style. 3. Look at the spray effect The appearance of the shower looks the same, so be sure to look at its spray effect when choosing. A good shower can ensure that each small nozzle hole sprays evenly, so you can test the water when selecting to see if the spray water flow is even. 4. Look at the accessories The accessories of the shower will directly affect the comfort of use. When purchasing, you can check whether the water pipe and the lifting rod are flexible, whether the sprinkler connection is equipped with anti-twist ball bearings, whether there is a rotating controller on the lifting rod, etc. 5. The service life of the spool shower will be directly affected by the spool. A good shower uses a ceramic spool, which is smooth and frictionless. You can manually twist the switch when selecting it. It feels comfortable and smooth. It can ensure that the shower stays smooth and reliable during use. All the information in the above article is to introduce you all the knowledge about why you should install a hidden shower in the bathroom. I hope it can be helpful to you. In addition to traditional showers, we can also install this kind of hidden showers in the bathroom. Compared with the traditional integral showers, the advantages will be more. (
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