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Firstly when it comes to fitting a new kitchen

by:KingKonree     2020-09-02

Or you may choose to opt to have someone fit your new kitchen for you, however in either case there is one area that will require special attention paying to it, and that is the fitting of the kitchen sink. It is the one area where things can go horribly wrong, as to start with when cutting the hole to fit it in to the worktop you only really get one chance to get it right, otherwise you may find yourself buying a very expensive new worktop.

Yet today even more care needs to be taken as now designer sinks are made in wide variety of materials other than stainless steel, indeed as an example several manufacturers such as Franke make sinks in glass, ceramic, fragranite (A granite composite), and techtonite (A synthetic composite), all of which need a great deal of care when fitting. As whilst a modern glass designer sink can look great when in situ, clearly the very fact that it is glass means that even more care needs to be taken when fitting it. Stainless may bounce or dent when dropped or forced in to place, but a glass or ceramic sink may shattered or crack should the same happen.

Care needs to be taken with ceramic and fragranite sinks in particular as you will have to punch out the hole for the tap, or taps, using a hammer and a centre punch and thus this maybe a job best left to a professional as you only get one chance to get it right!

Also you may need to consider fitting an under sink tap brace to take the weight of a heavy designer sink tap, or risk it cracking the sink with its weight.

So when fitting a new designer kitchen sink you may want to get a professional in to install it as the process may not be as straight forwards as you think.

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