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Flat screen monitors have tumbled in price, and

by:KingKonree     2020-06-27
Why go double? Having two screens, side by side, or stacked, can immediately double the amount of screen space available. You may not imagine you need double space, but think about the time you flick between various tabs email, to spread sheet, to calendar, to images, and back and forth. An extra screen reduces this effort significantly. If you've moved exclusively to a laptop or netbook, hooking up an LCD monitor allows you to work on the big things in large size, whilst at the same time relegating email or similar applications to the smaller screen. Raising the bar Dual monitors create one problem. By doubling your screen space, your desk space has reduced substantially. Work area is at a premium, and a quality functional dual LCD monitor stand lifts your screens above the desk surface, immediately creating additional room and flexibility. The best dual monitor stand does more than add a sophisticated look and feel to your work area. Vertical and horizontal dual monitor stands help to produce an ergonomically sound environment via height and distance control. The best dual monitor stands for you Purchasing the right dual monitor stand is vital. Your equipment is valuable, and you spend far too long at your computer to make the wrong decision. Points to consider: Atdec dual monitor stands Atdec's range of dual monitor stands deliver quality workmanship and design that caters to the needs of every workspace situation. Visidec VFS-DH Vertical Dual Monitor stand is freestanding, and allows for displays up to 12kg/26.4lbs. The 'quick shift lever' allows for easy adjustment, with portrait or landscape options. Visidec VFS-DV Horizontal Dual Monitor stand, has the same functionality as the VFS-DH, however the 'stacked' configuration allows screens to sit one on top of the other. Visidec VF-AT-D Full Motion Horizontal Dual Monitor stand that can either be bolted or clamped to a desk surface. Holding up to 8kg/17.6lbs per monitor, the VF-AT-D features a +/- 70 degree tilt, and adjustable pan of 80 degrees.
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