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flea market selling tips

by:KingKonree     2020-03-28
You are about to be put into a flea market sale or you have taken the risk and you are not happy with the results.
My most important suggestion is not to give up.
Now we start from there.
The first step is to buy or create the right product for the customer you intend to sell.
If you are at a craft show, you want to sell unique items at a reasonable price.
Don\'t mistakenly decide which items to sell according to your taste.
This is a road to failure.
What you like is not necessarily sold.
Or we\'re all clones of you.
Ask your friends and family for honest advice before choosing your product to sell, and tell them that if they don\'t like your product, you won\'t be angry.
The next step is to price it.
Starting at a lower price is usually the way to go.
The general retail price of low-priced products is 40% to 50%.
Mark your item as 30% to 35%.
Remember that you want to know the market and your products.
When you are sure which items are sold and which are not sold, only then can you adjust the price accordingly, high or low.
Some projects will eventually exceed 50% and others will reach 25%.
If you raise the price, remember to step by step and never raise the price unless you don\'t like having customers.
It is very important to buy the right place at the flea market.
You want to be at the entrance if possible.
I can\'t emphasize this too much.
As real estate experts say when buying a house, \"Location, Location \".
The entrance is a place where customers have money in their pockets and they are eager to consume.
You serve them there, help them spend and give them a good product in return.
It\'s great when everyone is happy.
Also, be sure not to squeeze yourself in a small place.
Potential customers will walk past you.
There is nothing more frustrating than seeing the situation.
So arrange extra money for the location, which takes you one step ahead and don\'t cut corners here.
Show your goods
I suggest a strategy for big box stores.
Walk into their store and notice that the best-selling products are in front of the store.
In addition, they are 10 to 15 feet high.
Do you think they are doing this to keep the stock clerk busy?
They are stacking because stacking suggests to customers that this particular product is selling well and people will grab it off the shelf so we need to stack it up to the ceiling.
It also catches the eye when you see a huge display of customer assumptions, \"Wow, everyone has to want this product \".
However, when you see a trivial display, you think, \"Wow, they\'re definitely not going to sell a lot of this stuff, I wonder why?
So the stack, stack, and stack are higher.
Don\'t forget to be attractive.
For example, if you sell jewelry, use attractive velvet or leather jewelry display.
In addition, displaying and organizing your products multiple times in a jewelry box helps to increase your sales.
Use the countertop display cabinet and other countertop display cabinets.
Don\'t cut corners from your display and packaging.
Investment display, whether it\'s a jewelry display, a jewelry box, a hanger, a stand-up cardboard display, a hanging label, or a display strip, is not a place to cut.
Make sure you price all the items.
When customers don\'t see the price, they think the price is high.
Many people will walk by you, afraid to ask, afraid to tell you, no, thank you.
It\'s easy for them to say nothing and bypass your monitor.
So plan ahead and price your item.
Make your logo big, the letters clear, and the most important thing is to be neat and tidy.
Use colorful signs to catch your eyes.
Price a single item or an entire display.
Use signage, self-adhesive pricing labels, tag guns, and hanging labels.
Professional Sales, don\'t cut corners here.
Using these tips is a sure way to increase your sales, I start with 13 years of flea market experience and develop my flea market business to a large multi
A million-dollar company
So don\'t give up, acknowledge your failures and learn from them, and go out and be a successful businessman.
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