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Floor tiles are a kind of flooring that is found

by:KingKonree     2020-06-20
Many materials can be used as flooring, including carpet, wood, vinyl, rugs, ceramic tiles, linoleum, terrazzo, clay, stone, or some kind of chemical coating. The expense and environment affect the materials that are used for flooring. Moisture, endurance, comfort and the effort involved in cleaning should all be considered. For example, rooms that are prone to condensation, or that have high moisture levels, should not be given wood flooring. Carpet is a kind of soft covering that consists of a woven sheet of natural or synthetic fibers. When a carpet is said to be 'fitted' it is attached to the floor with nails or glue. Underlay is often installed underneath the carpet to extend its life and provide comfort. The rug is similar to the carpet, both being soft coverings. Rugs are normally much smaller than carpets and usually lie over an area that has already been covered by another kind of flooring. Rugs can be fixed to the floor or be unfixed and remain moveable. Wood flooring is usually divided into two distinct groups; the plank floor and the parquet floor. Many different kinds of wood are used, although most builders favour the hardwoods because they are more durable. Sometimes bamboo is used, though it is not actually a wood. Bamboo more versatile as it can be bought in a variety of different patterns and colours. Laminate is more durable than wood, so is sometimes used instead. Laminate is made from MDF, which has been cut down to size and coated in a plastic resin. Ceramic tiles consist of clay that has been shaped and then fired into thin pieces. The pieces are then fixed to the surface with a mortar and then the gaps between them are sealed. There are many different varieties of tiles; quarry tiles, porcelain tiles, and terracotta tiles being a few examples. Stones can be used in the same way as ceramic tiles. Slate and marble are also popular. Mosaics are formed from little pieces of stone or ceramic that are then arranged to form a picture or a design. Resilient flooring is a kind of flooring that is decidedly more elastic than other floorings. Linoleum, vinyl composition tiles, sheet vinyl, cork tiles, sheet cork, and rubber are all types of resilient flooring. This king of flooring is very popular with stadiums and dance halls that require a very resilient surface. Seamless chemical flooring has become more popular in newly build houses. Latex, urethane, polyester, or an epoxy compound is used to coat the floor. They are spread over the floor in a liquid form to create a seamless cover. They are often set with granulized particles or have grooves to provide a better surface traction.
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