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For many the kitchen is the hub of the house and

by:KingKonree     2020-08-28


Granite is a versatile material which can match both classic and modern designs. Homeowners can choose between either a matt or sleek and polished finish. Granite advantages from being tremendously hard-wearing and low maintenance. However it is, needless to say, susceptible to chips and scratches. Worktop resurfacing enables you to restore any worktops which have been harmed. Granite worktops are resistant against high temperatures and are water-resistant, which makes them suitable for areas surrounding the oven and sink. To sum up, granite is an incredibly resilient material that even when defective, may be refurbished with worktop resurfacing.


Laminate is perfect for use within food preparation regions. But, it doesn't have a great potential to deal with water and steam and it's not suitable as a chopping surface since it will easily become damaged. Additionally, laminate worktops are not very easily repaired using worktop resurfacing. Laminate is often widely used since it can effectively mirror more expensive materials and because it can be easily fitted by DIY aficionados.


Glass worktops are often utilised as more of a 'feature' than for practicality. It benefits however from being able to resist both water and heat. Glass corresponds completely with modern style kitchens, especially if it is illuminated from underneath. Nonetheless, glass is prone to scratching. In contrast to materials such as granite, worktop resurfacing is unwarranted as scratches may be polished out with relative ease. Glass worktops need to be wiped often to prevent the development of water marks but as they do not feature joints and so dirt is not trapped easily. This will make glass very hygienic - great for the kitchen.

Finding the right worktop material for your kitchen is determined by a number of different factors. The property owner should think about if the worktop shall be placed in a traditional or a comptemporary kitchen. They should additionally contemplate where the material will likely be positioned; materials employed near the cooking facilities should be resistant to heat for instance. Taking care of the material also need to be considered because scrapes are bound to happen. For many materials worktop resurfacing is necessary so as to fix scratches and chips, whereas many other materials can be repaired utilizing more straightforward methods. Such factors should be taken into account because they will likely have a bearing on long-term costs.

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