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For this matter, my family contradictions have exploded!

by:KingKonree     2020-04-16

I don’t know if you have found a detail.

Japanese family, no matter the size, has a bathtub in the house.

Japanese are so passionate about bathing

Even inherited the small towel including the head cover, drinking milk after bath, etc.

▲ most Japanese family bathroom

In contrast, Chinese people are so indifferent to bathing

No matter how luxurious the hotel’s bathtub is,

How to create a refreshing bath after work in a TV series

Compatriots always tend to shower instead of bathing

It seems that the shower is more targeted

The distrust of the cleanliness of the bathtub is also prohibitive


In Xiao Li's family, such a contradiction broke out. Parents persuaded to install a bathtub. When the old man showered his body, his physical strength was even worse. Xiao Li gave birth to a child and had a bathtub to facilitate the child to take a bath. His wife strongly disagreed and stressed. The bathtub is difficult to clean, and it is easy to breed bacteria... There is no claim that Xiao Li is one of the first two big!

Then, in the current situation of paying more attention to their own comfort, do Chinese-style families have to install bathtubs?

When not to install a bathtub?

1. 'Lazy cancer patient', please go out and turn right. If you are a 'sinking' person who can sit and never stand, can lie down and never stand, can never leave the house, please Don't hold the idea of ​​having a bathtub to enjoy life. Otherwise, the cleaning after each bath will make you tired of doubting your life, and you can't wait to kill the one who wants to install the bathtub.

▲bette bathroom

2. Please ask the family whose bathroom area is less than 8m2 to know more about the shower facilities. If the bathroom is under congenital conditions, don't come to the bathtub. The bathtub and the surrounding facilities will occupy too much space.

3. There is a “water-saving guardian” in your home. Although recycling water and cherishing water resources are worth promoting, but the bathtub is born with its own bugs, wasting water is inevitable, so for the family or their own troubles, or from the source Avoid it.

▲ex.t bathroom

What can I do with a bathtub?

1. Please ask the local tyrants to be free. The villa wants to install a few of them. I want Guo Jingming to install a model that makes the designers suspect that their baths are not blocked.

▲ Guo Jingming’s giant bathtub on Weibo

2, there is a baby in the family, or will soon greet or have plans to meet new life, and there are two bathrooms in the home, you can consider the bathtub.

▲milldue bathroom

3, itself is particularly diligent, even clean, and have a lot of time or have enough money to ask people to clean the bathtub regularly, family members especially love to bath, please also install a bathtub! Meet your requirements for a refined life.

If you want to install a bathtub, what are the precautions?

a wide variety of bathtubs

According to the style: divided into a skirt-free cylinder and a skirt cylinder, the style has a heart shape, a circle, an oval, a rectangle, a triangle, etc.;

According to the function: divided into ordinary bathtub, jacuzzi, etc., the jacuzzi includes a bubble-type jacuzzi, a hydromassage bathtub, a spa air massage bathtub, a pulse massage bathtub, etc.; according to the production materials: divided into ceramic bathtub, acrylic bathtub, artificial stone bathtub , cast iron / steel bathtub, wooden tub and so on.

When choosing, it will take more time to choose carefully for the size of your bathroom and your own needs.

▲hego bathroom

Security issues are the top priority

Whether it is a direct embedded bathtub or a shower with a bathtub, the handrail can be installed in the appropriate position of the bathtub. In addition, the bottom of the bathtub and the floor around the bathtub must be non-slip, such as a non-slip carpet. The family slipped and slipped to keep the family safe.

▲hego bathroom

Discussion, practice, truth

Regarding whether or not to put a bathtub in the debate, if you come over, you will have a lot of money!

Ms. Feng: My bathroom is bigger and I have a bathtub. It’s not too good, the winter showers are idle, and the children love to bathe in them. In fact, it is only a lot of water to waste water, and it takes a lot of water to wash the shower. It is just that you can't see the water when you wash it.

Netizens are red: The wooden tub does not need to be brushed frequently, and there is no water stain. Winter is too comfortable... the usage rate is very high.

▲villeroy&boch bathroom

Netizen GH: There is a bathtub for use as a reservoir.

Netizens usually: There are two bathrooms in the house, the beautiful 憧憬 prompted to buy a bathtub decisively during the renovation... and then was defeated by the cleaning work... After a few years of entanglement, the dismantling was broken! Even if someone cleans it for you, you can't stand the long wait for water and water. Don't let the bathtub fit easily! ! !

▲kaldewei bathroom

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