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For those who cannot wait for the future to commence

by:KingKonree     2020-08-23

Futuristic calls for a lot of innovation and newness. Here are some tips to make your bathroom look just what you want it to.

Decide a theme; it can be Science fiction or anything you want that will conform to the futuristic flavour. After deciding the theme, decide upon the colours and the ambience you want to create. The colours are generally techno and led lit. So go for products that are back lit or have an ambient lighting.

I prefer a Sci-fi bathroom interior

If you have the spending capacity you can design the bathroom like a hemisphere with lot of small bulbs that look like sparkling stars. It will actually feel like bathing under the open sky. A much cheaper option is to get a projector project the stars on the dark walls. A big wide mirror on one of the walls to reflect light will make the place look spacious. A led lit space ship bath tub will be just the perfect fitting for this theme. Get an ambient blue for the night atmosphere into the bath tub. Well!! Keep in mind you don't want it to just look futuristic but also feel futuristic, so make sure your space ship bath tub has some powerful jets, similar themed taps and faucets, themed lighting and yes a rotating tub can surely feel great. Well a rain shower that too with ambient lighting, right above your space ship bath tub, will be magical. Now with a perfect bath that creates the base and becomes the focal point in your bathroom add on the subtle nuances and well chosen bathroom accessories.

The basin can be a routine contemporary styled design but don't be satisfied at that. Top the basin with fibre glass taps that detect the water temperature and light up accordingly. There are the infinity lit mirrors with cleverly placed lights that reflect into the mirror for an infinite lighting effect. Since you have placed a rain shower along the bathtub you won't be needing an extra shower enclosure space. Now since you have a night sky ambience choose a toilet seat that are indicators and lights in it. Toilets have seen a lot of technological advancement. You will easily get toilets that have a soft close as well as a heated seat, an inbuilt bidet, a concealed cistern, a led lit push plate for flushing etc. there are also remote controlled toilets and you can operate then with just a push of a button on the remote. Don't forget to have an automatic soap dispenser that is self lit a radium toilet paper would look awe some. All the accessories should be laced with light for the perfect effect. You can also add in your own creative ideas and make it look hi tech, advanced and sci-fi.

So enjoy a bath in the futuristic Sci-fi bathroom and enjoy the out of this world experience.

I just got a whirlpool bath with ambient lighting and tried some radium stars on the ceiling of my Bathroom Accessories . I just switch off the light while having a bath with only lighting being inside the bath and the sparkling radium's on the ceiling. It actually feels out of the world though the projector or low intensity bulbs on the ceiling and walls are better options I suppose. You can try out according to your budget and enjoy a futuristic sci-fi ambience in your bathroom.

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