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Foshan building materials sell well in Ethiopia

by:KingKonree     2021-05-21

Take a car from Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, to the southeast direction for 2 kilometers. The interview team of Foshan Manufacturing Maritime Silk Road Travelling to the Bambis Comprehensive Building Materials Market on the edge of Highway No. 2 is from the basement level. On the third floor, there are more than 10 shops specializing in sanitary ware, ceramics, sanitary ware, lighting, plumbing and other building materials and household products.

Most of the shops here sell ceramic sanitary ware or lighting products from Foshan, including Foshan's own brand products such as Grace Sanitary Ware, Foshan Lighting, and Emperor Sanitary Ware. Some merchants revealed that because Foshan's ceramics, bathroom and other building materials are of good quality, they are cheaper and cost-effective than German and Italian products, and are more popular with consumers.

High demand for building materials in Ethiopia

The construction of the Bambis building materials market began at the end of last year. At present, 13 ceramic, bathroom, lighting appliances and other building materials shops have entered from the basement level to the ground level, and most of the shops on the fourth floor are still being decorated.

According to reports, Bambis was originally a long-established daily necessities supermarket brand in Addis Ababa. At the end of last year, Bambis bought the 5th floor of the Afework building next to its supermarket to create a comprehensive building materials market. . Due to the huge demand in the building materials consumer market, the comprehensive building materials market has attracted a large number of local building materials and home furnishing distributors and retailers as soon as it opened.

The spatial layout of the Bambis building materials market is a bit like a large-scale domestic commercial complex in China. The middle hall is equipped with escalators that can reach all floors. The commercial complex equipped with escalators is located in Addis Ababa Rarely, it can be seen that the position of the integrated building materials market is taking the high-end route. Judging from the stores currently stationed in, the decoration of the store and the furnishings of the products are also more exquisite.

Most of the shops that enter the store are operating mid-to-high-end international brands. For example, lighting electrical products have products from Siemens, Philips, Osram and other brands; and among sanitary ware products, some stores even have products from brands such as Siemens, Philips, and Osram. High-end jacuzzi, home sauna and steam room, etc. are sold.

Foreign businessmen look for suppliers through the Canton Fair

'All the products sold in my shop are from China, and these bathtubs and sanitary ware are made in China.' Khatija, the owner of Royal Ceramic Tell the reporter that they have many stable suppliers and sellers in China, most of whom have met at the Canton Fair.

'Your products are likely to come from Foshan. Have you heard of Foshan?' Upon hearing the reporter's question, Khatija said that she was not impressed by Foshan, but she quickly brought the catalog of products in the store . The reporter turned to the third page of the catalog and found that the brand of sanitary ware they were selling was Grace Sanitary Ware from Foshan. The products sold included jacuzzi, sauna and steam room, flush toilet, etc.

Khatija said: 'The quality of the products made in Foshan is not worse than that of Germany and Italy, but the price is cheaper than them, the price is very high, and it is better to sell.'

The reporter just turned When I went to a building materials store called Bewnet Ceramic opposite Royal Sanitary Ware, the owner Bewnet said 'Hello' to the reporter in Chinese. It turned out that Bewnet has been doing business with Chinese people for 14 years. He has been to the Canton Fair 6 times and can speak a little simple Chinese. After showing his identity, he told reporters that the products he sold in the store included ceramic tiles and sanitary ware from Foshan. These products were all found during the Canton Fair and then imported and sold.

This shop in the Bambis building materials market is his third branch. 'Foshan has a wide variety of ceramics and sanitary ware products at different prices, so I also imported many brands.' Bewnet said. At present, we can see the products sold by Be-wnet include Baxter Ceramics, Wrigley, Guanzhu and other brands.

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