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Foshan TV station walked into Langjing bathroom to explain in detail how to buy a bathtub

by:KingKonree     2021-05-21

Foshan TV station has a set of star programs on decoration. It is 'Big City Xiaojia

In each issue, Dacheng Xiaojia will launch different decoration themes, such as design style, buying ceramic tiles, buying sanitary ware, wooden floors, etc., which can always tick the audience. In this episode of August 6, Dacheng Xiaojia walked into the Langjing Sanitary Ware Base and explained in detail how to buy bathtubs with Mr. Ma, a veteran sanitary ware person. Among them, what kind of bathtubs and bathtub quality should be bought for the elderly and young people. Key interpretations were made on issues that the owners were concerned about, such as identification of quality and maintenance.

After the beautiful host asked Mr. Ma, the representative of Langjing Sanitary Ware, the first question was raised: What kind of bathtub is suitable for the elderly? There is a fashionable way. The gift of filial piety is to buy a jacuzzi for parents, but Dacheng Xiaojia finally asked an expert to find out what kind of bathtub to buy.

Mr. Ma’s answer is clean and straightforward. He believes that the bathtub used by the elderly must comply with two standards. One is the height of the bathtub, preferably not more than 650 mm, and the other is the bottom. There is a non-slip design to prevent falling injuries.

After that, he recommended a whale bathtub with armrests. The very user-friendly design instantly attracted the attention of the editor. This bathtub not only has handrails and pedals, so that users can enter the bathtub more conveniently and safely, but also adds two functions of water-air mixed surfing massage and neck backwashing, which is just suitable for people with massage needs.

For the elderly, the bathtub of Langjing can also be customized with anti-skid function to increase the safety factor and prevent falling. This is too humane, there is no way!

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In the Langjing bathroom base, you can also see a large number of bathtubs designed for young people. The design is fashionable and bold, and they often have lighting functions, which can be colorful and have the feeling of a musical fountain. With SPA function, you can perform hydrotherapy from the sump upwards and enjoy the massage of the back position.

The good feeling is here. After working all day, I am tired, soak in the bathtub, listen to music, and enjoy a massage. This is how the quality of life is achieved.

For a good bathtub, the design is not enough. The stability of the technology and the durability of the material are very important. Mr. Ma took out professional dry goods again, which introduced the types and materials of bathtubs in detail. From his introduction, we can understand that there are currently about four to five bathtubs made of major materials on the market, such as composite panels, cast iron, stainless steel, and acrylic.

Bathtubs made of various materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, composite bathtubs are not easy to repair, and cast iron bathtubs are bulky, inconvenient to clean, and easy to rust. The steel bathtub is very noisy, not suitable for home decoration, it is common in hotels. The performance advantages of acrylic bathtubs are more prominent, and are currently used most in the field of home decoration.

So, how to judge the acrylic bathtub? There is a lot of knowledge in it. Mr. Ma introduced that the quality of the cylinder can be judged by the thickness of the cylinder. It is understood that many bathtubs in the industry are relatively thin. The side of the tank is only 2 mm or 3 mm thick, while the bathtub of Langjing can be 5 mm, and the bottom of the tank is about 8 mm, and the edge of the tank is even 10 mm. Millimeter thick, the thicker the cylinder, the stronger the bearing capacity and the more durable.

The thickness of the stainless steel frame is also a factor to consider when buying a bathtub. If it is too thin, such as 16 by 16, 20 by 20 mm, the bearing capacity is not enough, more than 150 kg If you stand on it, the bottom of the tank may crack, and the shelf underneath may make a creaking noise.

In terms of maintenance, we usually think about it very complicatedly. In fact, this is not the case. Mr. Ma introduced that if the bathtub has a small scratch, just use toothpaste and wipe it with a soft towel to restore it. It's so amazing, of course, you have to make sure you buy a good bathtub.

Dacheng Xiaojia’s exciting show 'How to buy a bathtub' on August 6, you can search for 'Dacheng Xiaojia (August 6)' on iQiyi, Sohu Video, Youku Tudou, etc. You can find this episode.

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