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Four keys to judge the quality of sanitary ware

by:KingKonree     2021-05-20

There are many components of the bathroom, including basins, toilets, bathtubs, etc. In the face of the diversification of market demand, the design and quality of sanitary ware are also unpredictable. The editor of Jiuzheng Building Materials Network will teach you You have to judge the quality of sanitary ware.

First, look at the green body

The quality of the green body directly determines the water permeability of the ceramic. At present, the firing process of ceramics has been greatly improved, and most brands use high-temperature ceramics fired above 800 degrees. But for the same high-temperature pottery, the difference in grade is very obvious. The length of the high-temperature tunnel kiln directly determines the texture of the ceramic. The longer the tunnel, the longer the ceramic will take from heating to cooling. The temperature change during the firing process is small, and the product is not easy to crack. The high temperature tunnel kiln is short, and the process from high temperature to cooling is short. The texture of the fired ceramics is relatively brittle and easy to crack.

The cost of high-temperature tunnels is very high, with an average cost of nearly 150,000 yuan per meter. Therefore, some small-scale manufacturers directly cool outside the kiln, and the difference in quality is even greater. In addition, only the kiln is big enough to burn the high water tank, which saves water and washes more cleanly.

The second is to look at the glaze surface

The thickness of the glaze layer and the firing process directly determine the effect of the glaze surface of the sanitary ware. The imported glaze is used, and the glaze layer is thick. The surface of the sanitary ware is smooth and delicate, the texture is full, crystal clear, it looks very comfortable, and it has strong self-cleaning ability and low water permeability. The downpipe and the inner wall of the water tank of medium and high-end sanitary ware are also glazed, which is very important to prevent the toilet from getting dirty, but this kind of process is very difficult, and domestic brands can rarely do it. Whether the downpipe is glazing or not An important mark for judging the grade of sanitary ware.

The third is to look at the accessories

Traditional copper water fittings and floating ball irrigation have been eliminated. At present, good water fittings use imported PVC materials, vacuum irrigation technology, and anticorrosion. The rust performance and leak-proof performance are greatly improved. The water fittings of brand-name sanitary ware are supplied by professional manufacturers.

Fourth is to look at the whole

A good-shaped sanitary ware must not only have a beautiful appearance, but also conform to human function and be comfortable to use. The manufacturer's molds, equipment and design capabilities are the deciding factors. High-level manufacturers generally use imported molds.

The editor of Jiuzheng Building Materials Network summarizes: Learn four steps to judge the quality of sanitary ware, which will help you build a high-quality bathroom.

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