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Meet KingKonree(KKR) at 135th Canton Fair: Booth No: 11.1 C05-06. April 23th to 27th 2024

KingKonree freestanding basin taps are a statement of bathroom elegance, merging craftsmanship with design purity. The main body is made from #59 solid brass, with a zinc alloy handle, and 304# stainless steel accents. These are not just taps; they are the heartbeat of the sophisticated bathroom.

floor mounted tap for basin is built around the #59 solid brass, known for its durability and corrosion resistance, ensuring a lifetime of performance. The zinc alloy handle provides tactile control and precision, while the 304# stainless steel accents add sleek sophistication, promising lasting shine and rust resistance.

These taps are engineered for excellence, blending form and function. The precision flow control ensures a perfect stream of water, while the eco-friendly mechanisms conserve water without sacrificing performance. With Kingkonree, you experience the future of bathroom design, where technology enhances lifestyle. 
Recognizing that everyone’s style is unique, KingKonree offers customization options for the freestanding basin mixer. From the finish to the height, you can tailor your taps to match your taste and bathroom theme, ensuring a harmonious blend that reflects your essence.

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