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freestanding tubs reaching new depths

by:KingKonree     2020-10-15
“It’s the look.
This is the first reason why people choose it, \"says Bridgett Jessop, interior designer at Debutante Design, a boutique interior Design company in Calgary, which works with several new home builders.
\"The independent bathtub is elegant.
Feel like a spa, feel like a luxury hotel.
It has a little personality.
It can help to set the tone or style for your space according to the shape or color of the bathtub.
The independent bathtub will add a little femininity to the suite.
It is usually curved, nicely offsetting the straight line of the tile and the building of the bathroom.
Alykhan Velji, head of Alykhan Velji Design in Calgary, added: \"What you see now is more independent bathtubs, which are beautiful artworks in themselves.
This shape is very organic and smooth.
They are more rounded or oval.
You can\'t see the big square bath anymore.
With separate bathtubs, there are a lot of different options for your faucet and tub filler.
They can go through the walls or floors and create beautiful beauty in the bathroom to make it more sculptural.
\"Having a separate bathtub not only creates a lot of visual space in the bathroom, it means that you can often install a larger bathtub than the built-in one --
In the same space.
\"From a practical point of view, in the same footprint, you will get more bathtubs,\" Jessop said . \".
In terms of functionality, separate bathtubs are easier to clean than standard built-in bathtubs
In the tub, she notes, because \"you\'re not dealing with a bunch of grout lines.
You are wiping the inside and outside of the surface.
\"If there is a maintenance issue, the trouble point is more accessible when you have a separate bathtub.
Another benefit, Jessop notes, is that when you have a separate tub, you won\'t be working on the tub tiles that are quickly out of date.
In the past few years, the price of independent bathtubs has dropped, making it affordable for more people.
\"Builders now have separate bathtubs as their standard specification
\"That\'s how popular they are,\" Jessop said . \". Two-
Two people in the bathtub-
Private bathtub, this style is now more affordable than in the past.
This has become an increasingly popular option for homeowners.
\"There are fewer and fewer people buying hot tubs because the hot tub comes with too much maintenance, but they still want a relaxing soak,\" says Jessop . \". “A two-
The private bathtub is easy to install and large enough for two adults to sit inside.
This could be a social time with no cost and maintenance for the hot tub.
\"No matter what you decide to do to increase your bathroom space, it\'s good to remember that a funky bathroom can increase the resale value of your house.
As Jessop said: \"The kitchen and bathroom are the ones that sell the house.
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