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Frequent incidents of 'self-destruction and wounding' in shower rooms reflect hidden dangers in the Tao Wei industry

by:KingKonree     2021-05-11

Nowadays, many people choose to put another small independent room in the bathroom with a small area. This is the very popular independent shower room nowadays. The shower room conquered people so quickly, occupying the main space of the bathroom, and people who have used it are full of praise for this free-standing shower room. No wonder some people say that there can be no bathtub in the bathroom but a fully functional shower room.

However, in recent years, incidents of 'self-destruction and wounding' in shower rooms have occurred from time to time. Even according to some businesses, the shower room itself has a risk of self-explosion, especially when it is improperly installed and used.

The frequent incidents of shower room 'blow up and hurt people' reflect hidden dangers in the Tao Wei industry

Currently, glass shower rooms on the market are divided into two types according to their textures: One is ordinary glass. This kind of glass shower room generally only costs a few hundred yuan each. It is said to be less safe and easy to burst when exposed to high temperatures; the other is tempered glass, with a price of nearly 1,000 yuan to more than 10,000 yuan. However, many tempered glass shower room manuals or promotional materials do not have a warning that 'tempered glass may burst

Toughened glass does not mean that explosion-proof glass should be used with caution

Deli shower room marketing manager Zhang Yanhua told reporters that their shower rooms are made of toughened glass, with a thickness of 6 cm to 12 cm, and the glass has passed 3C certification, which can guarantee safety. When the reporter asked whether tempered glass could prevent bursting, Zhang Yanhua admitted that tempered glass has a spontaneous explosion rate of about 3‰, and no one can guarantee that it will not burst. However, in reality, the probability that tempered glass will burst is still quite small.

The reporter asked several overall shower room manufacturers over the phone and found that the spontaneous explosion rate of 3‰ has almost become a universal law, and some say it is 1‰.

As for why the shower room would explode, the reporter called the marketing staff of an integrated shower room and revealed to the reporter that the reason why some tempered glass exploded is related to the degree of tempering of the glass. Some small tempered glass production factories, There are cases where inferior glass or recycled glass is used for tempering. The cost of doing so is much lower, but the quality will decrease.

The marketing staff who did not want the reporter to reveal his name believes that excluding quality reasons, there are three other situations that may cause the tempered glass to burst: one is improper use; the other is improper installation; the third is The temperature difference is too large. Therefore, when consumers use the shower room at home, they should pay special attention to the environmental temperature difference not to be too large, and to avoid strong external impact.

For the shower room glass door that may burst, when the reporter visited part of the shower room exhibition hall on the first floor of China Ceramic City, the owner suggested that the glass bath can be filmed, in case the glass bursts , Can reduce the harm to the human body to the greatest extent.

The self-explosion rate has become the unified statement of the enterprise. There is no national standard basis.

The so-called 'three-thousandth self-explosion rate' means that the accidental self-explosion rate of glass products can be allowed by default in the industry. But Li Huasheng from the shower room of Lance revealed that “the country does not expressly stipulate that tempered glass has a spontaneous explosion rate of three thousandths, but this is generally accepted in the industry.”

Then the reporter got through the quality of Foshan City. During the telephone consultation of the supervision and testing agency, the staff also informed that “the national standard of tempered glass does not mention self-explosion, but only stipulates the impact resistance of tempered glass and the state after it bursts.”

So, thousand Where does the statement about the three-per-thousand self-detonation rate come from? Can it be used as a reason for the merchants to avoid product quality problems?

The reporter learned through Internet searches that the term 'three-in-thousand self-detonation rate' is a French one The data in the survey report of the consulting company has been cited in the industry so far. According to the legal effect of my country's 'Safety Glass for Construction' Part 2: Tempered Glass, the contents show that tempered glass is not allowed to explode. The Consumer Protection Commission also stated that regardless of whether the three-thousandth self-detonation rate is allowed by the state, it cannot be an excuse for operators to shirk their responsibilities.

In fact, in addition to the weird '3 out of 1,000 spontaneous explosion rate' statement, there are many doubts about the explosion of tempered glass in the shower room that are difficult to explain.

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