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From bacteria ridden make-up sponges to GREEN fake tan: How keeping your beauty products in the bathroom can wreck them

by:KingKonree     2020-10-20
Do you put the beauty products in the bathtub? room?
If so, you might want to rethink where you put them.
Whether it\'s the bacteria you make
Sponge, damp body scrub is not working well, or there is degraded serum during the day, and the environment can cause serious damage to your expensive purchase.
Here we tell you how to store your toiletries safely.
You have thrown away any skin scrubs containing non-eco-friendly plastic particles.
But please do not take a bath if you are using natural alternatives such as sugar, salt or baking soda crystals.
Water can go into plastic packaging, dissolve crystals, leave less scrubbing, and more of a useless paste.
Unless you have a really damp bathroom, they should be placed on a shelf that won\'t get wet --
In this case, keep them in a sealed plastic container and ideally use some silicon bags to absorb any moisture. SCUMMY MAKE-
Sponge made of sponge
But if you put them in a humid environment, they are the breeding ground of bacteria.
A lab tested my product.
One bag, the only one that didn\'t pass was my foundation sponge.
Its number of microorganisms is more than ten times the level of safety.
Consultant dermatologist Dr. Susan Mayu says it breeds bacteria every time a sponge touches your skin.
At low levels, this can cause irritation. But in a worst-
In this case, your sponge may be infected with S. aureus.
If used on a broken skin, you may be infected with a very serious skin.
Ideally, you should clean the sponge with an antibacterial solution after each use.
But if you can\'t do this, don\'t put it in a damp bathroom.
Instead, put it in a cool and dry place. LIGHT-
Sensitive Serum may be the driving force of your skin care system for signs of anti-aging, but that\'s exactly why your serum should not stay in the bathroom.
Chris Smith, a cosmetic chemist at the pupal health beauty company, said: \"Exposure to light, heat or moisture can destroy vitamin A and C and other active ingredients, so, storing the products on shelves near sunny windows can irreversible damage them.
\"They won\'t hurt your skin, but they won\'t work.
He recommended the products sold in the pump dispenser
Dr. Sam Bunting, a cosmetic dermatologist, even suggested keeping blood in cartons to prevent light exposure
Store in a cool dark environment and stay away from the water.
Don\'t think they are safe in the bathroom cabinet.
Many of them have a cooler, which means that it has a heat that reaches the temperature of the cool oven.
Good dresser drawer.
The bald brush you made
Put the brush in the pot next to the sink?
They may not be after you see it.
Not only does the moisture or splash in the air dissolve the glue that sticks them together, causing the bristles to fall off, but you may also wipe the feces to your face when using the feces.
Every time you flush the toilet, the particles of anything you wash away are scattered into the air --
If your brush is placed nearby, it will fall on your brush.
This means you have a risk of bacterial infection.
Your toothbrush is also in danger.
So either cover or put the brush in the bathroom cabinet.
If your moisturizer is in the tub, the air enters every time it is turned on, affecting any active ingredient.
But you are constantlynon-sterile)
This means you are more likely to pollute the cream.
Away from the wet and warm environment, bugs are unlikely to thrive.
So put the moisturizer on the bedside table.
Cosmetic chemist Chris Smith recommends paying attention to products that claim to be \"natural\" or \"without traditional preservation.
While legitimate products must pass tests to prove that they are safe for a specific period of time after opening, not all preservatives are equal, he said.
\"Even if the storage is correct, I have seen a decline in the efficacy of natural preservative systems over time, which means that their ability to resist bacteria is reduced.
However, traditional preservatives have many years of stability data under various conditions, so we can have confidence in their performance.
\"The Green fake TANDHA is the ingredient that makes you brown fake tan.
Studies have shown that the percentage of DHA decreases if the product is stored at 40 °c instead of at room temperature.
So if you put it in direct sunlight or in a hot bathroom, will your fake tan be useless?
Dr. Paul Evans, director of technology and innovation at St Tropez, said: \"No.
But we used ingredients in ourselves --
Make DHA more stable.
If you heat it, you won\'t notice any difference in performance, but you may see a difference in how it looks or smells.
When used for the first time, it looks green and the smell of cookies is stronger, but it still works.
Perfume expert Michael Donovan said: \"The enemy of perfume is the sun and the heat.
Therefore, it is essential to keep the perfume on the windowsill, the dresser next to the radiator, or the sunlit dresser.
In some perfume boutiques, the smell in the refrigerator is kept at 12 degrees Celsius.
But the average refrigerator is too cold, Michael said.
\"I put mine in the cooler bag in the closet.
This makes them in the dark, at cool temperatures.
Crumbling cosmetics
The up on the bedroom vanity is much better than the up in the bathroom.
\"If exposed to too much moisture, the pressed powder and eye shadow will become fragile,\" explains Chris Smith . \".
Lipstick and lip gloss \"sweat\" if the weather is hot \".
UV exposure affects color.
But there are more serious problems.
Angela Davis of Microbial Solutions Co. , Ltd. , which detects beauty products, said mascara is easily contaminated.
When it goes around the eyes, the types and levels of preservatives that can be used are limited.
If you put it too long, or where the bacteria are easy to breed, the bugs it collects breed, causing serious eye infections.
Rusty Razor after scraping your legs do not put the razor on the side of the bathtub or shower.
This is due to rust and blunt blades caused by water and air.
Therefore, keep dry and upright in the stand.
Get rid of your razor along with the run slip, says Angela Davis, which could give bugs \"a place to sit down and come more \". . . .
But don\'t worry about the soap, we \'ve all seen the soap bar sit in a sticky pool and no one will blame you for thinking that using it will cause you more mistakes than you did at the beginning.
However, a study by the Journal of Epidemiology and Infection found that although bacteria do breed in this case, they do not seem to be transferred to you.
Place the soap on a plate with a drain hole to prevent the soap from dissolving
Your money was washed away.
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