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from the ground up: the health inspection

by:KingKonree     2020-05-06
12 issues about the series launched by local coffee shops and baking shops.
Read the previous story from scratch this article has been updated.
Harrison Suarez and Michael Haft did not expect that the day would be a good one, as it was before.
They are waiting for a representative from Washington, D. C. C.
The ministry of health checks the coffee shops and baking shops they are about to open and they are pretty sure they will fail.
\"You will be the first to fail,\" Suarez\'s food industry friend told him . \".
When construction began in February, Haft and Suarez wanted to open Compass Coffee by the end of the summer, although delays in construction and bureaucracy had piled up and they became anxious.
Passing a health check is the final requirement to obtain a business license, which will legally enable them to open the door.
Once they pass, they will devote a few weeks to the wholesale business before Shaw coffee shop starts serving customers, providing coffee to customers such as regional donuts and kangaroo boxing clubs.
This check is one of the last obstacles to pass after six months of work.
If the health check fails, it will be the biggest problem in the recent series of minor disasters: the zoning problem is bothering them again.
Suarez spent two days in the soul.
Sucking the waiting room in the Consumer and Regulatory Affairs Department, jumping from department to department.
Even though he was previously granted zoning relief for the store\'s addextra seat, which was classified as \"preparing the food store,\" people have been confused as to whether Compass should be classified as a restaurant.
After there was uncertainty between the multiple departments that reviewed the plans, their seats were finally approved. Again.
Back at the coffee shop, a dishwasher that didn\'t properly connect the water pipes leaked on the floor.
It is easy to clean unless the floor drain is uneven.
\"The drain over there is actually a high point on the floor, like a volcano,\" Haft pointed to an area under the cafe and said . \".
He motioned a few feet away.
\"If you position Pompeii to our Mount vesuwei, Pompeii is here.
\"The water must be swept into the sewer.
It was not as bad as the previous incident, in which a toilet was blocked and spilled and the sewage flowed out of the volcanolike drains.
It must be cleaned up by a plumber and returned to the sewer.
\"It took us a few hours to clean up the sewage,\" Haft said . \".
\"The good news is that the floor is 100% sealed.
\"The incident did not cause any lasting damage.
A bucket of pipe sealing material was accidentally knocked over and the floor was permanently contaminated, which is not the case.
Fortunately, it is in a place covered by a cafe.
\"We can do a little roxia test,\" Haft said . \".
\"I saw a butterfly.
\"I saw a Dragon,\" Suarez said . \". (
It looks like a rabbit to the reporter. )
\"Maybe it can be our mascot,\" Haft said . \".
After a series of rainy days, they found a coffee leak on the top of the coffee Baker.
This is especially problematic because they should provide fresh baked beans for their first customer-regional donuts the next day, but they can\'t bake until the roof is patched.
After a few hours of work, they were finally able to bake at three in the morning. m.
Soon after sunrise, they packed and delivered coffee.
When Haft arrived at the regional doughnut to send coffee, the coffee machine in this new coffee shop was not working properly.
Haft had to tear it apart to diagnose the problem, a bit of residue in the beer that affected the taste of the coffee.
It took him a morning to fix the coffee machine, and Suarez prepared to check it himself.
Then, after they didn\'t sleep for 24 hours, the Ministry of Health told them that the Thursday health check appointment they had previously scheduled was not in the ministry\'s system.
Suarez was told that he did not follow the proper procedure to arrange the appointment.
In any case, they waited four hours in case the inspector showed up. Hedidn\'t.
We came here next Monday when the friendly but brisk DOH health inspector Bruce Flippens walked into the store.
Flippens are considered difficult by people.
\"He\'s a legendary food inspector,\" Haft said . \"\"Feared.
\"After several cold pleas, Flippens put on his reading glasses and checked their blueprints.
What happened to the two?
Cubicle sink? \" he asked.
\"Where are the remaining devices?
\"We haven\'t bought it yet,\" Suarez said . \".
\"We plan to do this when we make money.
\"Flippens noted that one of the planned dishwashers did not show up either.
\"You threw me away because we wanted all the equipment in place when we came up,\" he said . \".
He checked whether compass purchased a pest control and garbage removal contract and whether a staff member was certified by the food safety manager.
Before recording the water temperature, he kept the taps in the kitchen and cafe on until they were steamed.
He continued to ask questions.
\"Is this the wine tasting room?
Harfter and Suarez opened the steel. and-glass doors.
\"Could you please open the dishwasher?
\"Flippens tested the water and found that it reached a minimum operating temperature of 120 degrees. \"The hand sink?
Harfter and Suarez also pointed out.
As he walked around the store, Flippens sent out something that could be improved: the flow of water in the kitchen disposal could be redirected;
The athermometer in the fridge can move to a better place.
The verdict came out 20 minutes later.
\"Okay guys, you need to do two things before you pass the check,\" Flippens said . \".
\"One is, you need to dispose of the garbage here.
In a commercial kitchen, you can\'t put garbage under any sink compartment.
It must be detected and trapped separately.
\"Then he pointed to a wall under the countertop of the cafe where the pipes were exposed.
\"You have-
In the pipe here.
No unnecessary pipe and pipe exposure.
As it is now, it will prevent you from cleaning the walls properly.
\"Flippens gave them 45 days to correct the pipe.
However, if they are able to properly configure the disposition within 24 hours, they will pass it on the first attempt.
To their surprise and unbelievable, they did it.
Correction: The previous version of the story says, D. C.
Health checks were conducted by the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs.
Health Inspector Bruce Flippens is an employee of the Ministry of Health.
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