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go west, young man: one-industry towns watch as economy passes them by

by:KingKonree     2020-03-16
Glen Rogers appreciates his little
Life in the seaside town.
But in Alberta, 18 years after his employer closed, the lure of large sums of money was too great to resist.
\"I didn\'t really leave the factory until I had no choice,\" Rogers said . \" He worked as an instrument technician at the Minas Basin Pulp and Power Paper Mill until Friday when it was closed.
The manufacturer of recycled paper products employs 135 people in handport, a town of 1,160.
About 40 of them found jobs at CKF Inc.
A sister company of local paper and foam board manufacturers and factories.
Rogers, 41, is now working on the killake oil sands project in northern Alberta, earning between $60 and $70 an hour --
His salary is twice that of Nova Scotia.
\"You have to support your family,\" he said . \"
\"You go where you have to go, what you have to do.
The old Minas Basin Mill is the latest strike
Seeing the economy passing through the industrial towns around them, increased the westward migration of skilled workers and drained the coffers of struggling communities.
This is the third paper mill that Nova Scotia closed within a year.
Montreal, June-
Forest products based on resolve (TSX:RFP)
Announced the closure of its paper mill in Brooklyn, New York. S.
320 people are unemployed.
Even though it cost $50.
The government quoted the company for $23.
75 million of the land is used to purchase about 10,000 hectares.
Located in the former New Port page Hawkesbury paper mill in Tupper corner, New York. S.
, Resumed operation under new name on October after purchase in Vancouver
Pacific West Business Company headquarters
About half of the workers in the factory were hired by it and after $124. 5-
Millions of aid programs from the provincial government.
The closure of the Atlantic region of Canada does not belong to paper mills.
Last Friday, the high-liner food company(TSX:HLF)
Closed a fish factory in the southern town of Burin in Newfoundland, saying the facility was far from the market due to its remote location and high operating costs.
About 140 people are unemployed in 2,400 communities.
With the closure of the factory, small-
Arne Jensen, a former construction electrician at the Minas Basin site, said the town\'s dream had disappeared.
\"It\'s incredible how much money you can make from your hometown,\" he said . \". The 33-year-
Old, who also worked in the West, said a skilled trader was quick to accept a cross-provincial commuter lifestyle.
\"There are a lot of players from Liverpool and bowter.
They are in Alberta.
You have to go there.
Hantsport Mayor Robbie Zwick, an engineer at CKF, said he was determined to continue working in his town despite the challenges.
\"I don\'t want to dream Alberta like many of my colleagues.
\"I think it\'s just barbaric,\" he said . \".
\"My province has invested a lot of money in my health care and education.
It is a shame to transfer our taxes to Alberta and return to retirement to put a further burden on the local economy.
\"As mayor, he faces an urgent task of trying to make up for the loss of a $270,000 drop in local taxes, which is about the town budget, due to the closure of the Minas Basin plant. \"The small-
\"The model of towns in this province may be broken and may be re-examined,\" he said . \".
Towns that have lost major industries, such as he may need to join regional municipalities, and commuters who live outside the borders of villages and small towns may need to pay higher taxes, he said.
He marketed Hantsport as a great place for the information technology center.
He drove through the community, pointing to football fields, four hectares of scenic community grounds, and magnificent old houses with elegant mountain walls and ornate grids.
\"Hantsport is linked to a continuous fiber network in the Annapolis Valley,\" he said . \".
\"Internet connection means you don\'t have to be in Toronto or Silicon Valley.
Lower cost-of-
Life, a good place to raise children.
\"However, while Zwicker remains optimistic about the town\'s prospects, some community leaders are also preparing for the possibility of social problems caused by unemployment and family stress. Rev.
The Baptist minister, Daniel Jamil, said community groups meet regularly in hopes of eliminating various social diseases from depression to suicide.
\"It brings a lot of pain and struggle to people,\" he said . \".
\"People are asking, \'Can I stay here?
Do I have to go somewhere else?
Jamer said becoming a community of migrant workers in Alberta is not a solution.
\"Economically, it relieves stress, but life is more important than money.
This kind of life is stressful in family relationships.
Robert Yank, 47year-
Old residents of Liverpool. S.
He lost his job when the Baut factory was closed, and now he is signing a contract to take him all over the province to do environmental testing and construction work.
He said the Marine Times is increasingly concerned about workers leaving their communities with dollars.
\"If I don\'t work, I won\'t take my family out for dinner, and I won\'t travel, and I won\'t buy fuel at a local gas station,\" said Younker . \".
He hopes Liverpool will find a way to bounce back and gradually replace jobs in the paper industry.
\"I can\'t imagine going somewhere else,\" he said . \"
Liverpool have a deep water port, and the Nova Scotia government recently acquired former assets at bowter\'s mill, including 220,000 hectares of land it hopes forestry can use.
Prime Minister Darrell Dexter also said he believes the Port Hawkesbury mill will thrive under new ownership as it focuses on smooth, over-pressed paper for magazines and the catalog market.
But tech workers like Rogers say they do not intend to submit applications in the paper industry.
Terry Gerhart, operations manager responsible for organizing the shutdown of the Minas Basin plant, said his career in the paper industry was coming to an end.
\"I think there are other manufacturing jobs that are possible.
I think Nova Scotia is losing a lot of paper experience because people already have enough paper. year-old says.
\"Either you\'re going west or it\'s time to go to another manufacturing area.
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