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Gold Medal|After reading these 'anti-day' bathrooms, I really want to reinstall my own

by:KingKonree     2021-10-27
Gold Medal|I really want to refurbish my own bathroom after reading these 'sky-defying' bathrooms. Today, the bathroom is no longer just a place to wash and go to the toilet, but also a good place for us to relax and enjoy life. The bathroom should bring us a good mood. However, good apartment types are rare after all. Most families have a desire to have a perfect bathroom, but they are blocked by economic strength or poor space. In fact, it is not that difficult to create a beautiful bathroom space. Small apartment? Special-shaped apartment? I'm not afraid at all, as long as the space is used reasonably, these problems are a piece of cake. So, how is an exquisite bathroom space created? Follow in the footsteps of Jin Xiaobao to come to Kangkang~ Since this bathroom space is relatively long and narrow, we can arrange and set up in the order of washing area, toilet area, and shower area to weaken the crowded feeling brought by the narrow and long apartment and meet the daily washing needs. Wire. The shower screen is the finishing touch of the bathroom, and the smooth lines show the sense of design. The Yahei thin-frame shower screen and the three-sided wall of the bathroom combine to form a closed shower space, which effectively separates dry and wet while providing ample internal space. Hiding the toilet next to the shower partition will not disrupt the sense of spatial integration visually. Whenever you have a good apartment, you can’t get over it. The layout is not well designed, and it will look very low. Style coordination plays a decisive role in the appearance of the bathroom. If the style is wrong, no matter how tall or tall a single bathroom product is, it will be useless. Under the premise of choosing the correct style, practicality such as storage capacity and dry and wet separation must be kept up. This custom cabinet uses a large area of u200bu200bmatte white, supplemented by a bright grapefruit pine color, to form a visual impact, not too monotonous, nor too obtrusive. It is a fashionable minimalist style that is quite popular today. In addition, in a small space, its storage capacity should not be underestimated. It makes full use of the space above the toilet. The combination of mirror cabinets and open-type hidden main cabinets greatly meets daily storage needs and restores the bathroom. The neatest look. The protruding wall, after reasonable use and transformation, will not only become an eye-catching 'cumbersomeThe thin frame of the rose gold shower room is matched with the exquisite rose gold handle, which is full of texture. Because the handle is set to be relatively long, you can usually put some toiletries such as towels, bathrobes, etc., so that it is readily available, which greatly improves efficiency. The interior space is spacious and transparent, bid farewell to the exaggerated appearance, the overall feeling is very comfortable, the lines are criss-crossed, simple and lively, and the three-dimensional feeling is very strong.
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