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Gold Medal Bathroom: A Guide to Buying a Shower Room Covers all issues

by:KingKonree     2021-10-27
Gold sanitary ware: a guide for purchasing a shower room. All the problems are covered in all sanitary wares. Whether it is expressive beauty, harmonious tension and hearty charm, they are fully reflected in the shower room. But now there are many types of shower rooms, how should we choose? Next, I will have a detailed chat with you from the four aspects of glass, profiles, accessories, and styles. Shower room glass The primary consideration when purchasing shower room is safety. The safety of shower room is mainly reflected in the glass. In the choice of shower room, in order to ensure the safety of use, you must buy fully tempered glass and look for the glass. On the 3C certification mark. If you are still worried about whether the glass is really tempered glass, you can try these two methods to verify. I teach you three methods: 1. The 3C label cannot be scraped off with a knife. 2. Use a hammer to smash the sample glass in the shop. If it is rotten into granules, it is real, otherwise it is fake. 3. On the receipt or contract, ask the merchant to indicate the tempered glass and write it clearly in black and white. Shower room profiles Shower room profiles are generally made of aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy profiles are cheaper, while some high-end shower room profiles will choose stainless steel or copper. The appearance looks more atmospheric and beautiful, but the price is also more expensive, so This can be chosen according to your budget. No matter which profile you choose, you must pay attention to the thickness of the profile. Generally, the thickness of the profile is 2mm-4.5mm. The thicker the more expensive, but the lighter style is now popular, and it is not necessary to choose the 4.5mm thickness profile. . Shower room accessories A good shower room, in addition to considering the safety of glass, but also consider accessories, shower room accessories mainly include pulleys, rubber strips, hinges, handles and so on. 1. Pulleys and pulleys are mostly copper, carbon steel, zinc alloy, and stainless steel bearings. Among them, 304 stainless steel pulleys are the best choice. 2. Adhesive strips Many people tend to ignore adhesive strips when buying shower rooms. In fact, adhesive strips are also very important. The main function of the adhesive strips is to protect the glass, prevent glass collision from exploding and waterproof. If it is a bad strip, it will become yellow and even fall off after a long time. Therefore, when purchasing rubber strips, you should feel the toughness of the rubber strips on the spot, and observe the permeability of the surface of the rubber strips, and look at the color. 3. Hinge The hinge of the shower room should choose this kind of integrated hinge, don't choose the kind of broken hinge, the kind of broken hinge is not so tight. The function of the hinge is to bear the weight, and the normal use of the movable door is usually realized by the hinge, so the material of the hinge must be very hard. As we all know, the hardness of stainless steel>copper>aluminum alloy. Therefore, it is better to use 304 stainless steel for the hinge, which will be more durable and safer. 4. Handle The handle of the shower room is best not to be too obtrusive, especially if there are elderly or children in the house, it is easy to be injured when you hit the too sharp handle when taking a bath. Therefore, it is best to choose a sleek appearance, smooth and effortless switching. There are many small accessories in the shower room, so I won't talk about them here. When you go shopping, you have to do your homework, visit more shops, and let the shopping guide tell you, so that you will know more about the shower room. Shower room styles Most of the shower rooms can now be customized. They can be designed according to the space of your bathroom. There are mainly 4 shapes, which are straight, square, arc, and diamond. 1. In-line shower room In-line shower room is the most common. Most people's bathrooms are long strips. This kind of shower room has walls on both sides and only the material in the middle, so it is relatively economical. Yes, the treatment of the water retaining strip is relatively simple. 2. Square shower room The square shower room is suitable for shower rooms with a larger space. As long as one side has a wall, it can be fixed. This kind of square shower room is not affected by the space so much. You can make it as large as you want. 3. Arc-shaped shower room The arc-shaped shower room is more beautiful. If your shower area happens to be in a corner, you can choose this kind of arc-shaped shower room, which looks very artistic. 4. Diamond-shaped shower room The bathroom space at home is relatively small. You can choose a diamond-shaped shower room, which occupies a relatively small space and can be designed flexibly according to the space of your home. However, this kind of relative workmanship is more troublesome and needed. There are also more hinge parts, so the price will be more expensive. Summary: When purchasing a shower room, pay special attention to the glass of the shower room, and look for the 3C logo. In addition, when purchasing, it is recommended to visit more brands and shop around, so that you can choose a good shower room. Oh. (
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