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Gold medal bathroom rock board series bathroom cabinets, neat bathroom has it even more

by:KingKonree     2021-10-27
Gold Medal Bathroom Slate Series Bathroom Cabinets The clean bathroom is more divided. Although the bathroom is small, it can not be ignored when it is decorated. Clean, healthy, beautiful and fashionable are the highest requirements for the bathroom. In the past two years, the rock slab material in the bathroom market has just met the above characteristics, and these characteristics make all kinds of rock slab products instantly popular. As an indispensable strength and appearance in the bathroom, the rock slab bathroom cabinet is more It is in the ascendant, ready to go. Why can rock slabs be hot? That has to start with its performance and advantages. The rock slab is made of natural quartz stone, granite, and inorganic clay. It is pressed by a 10,000-ton press and calcined at a high temperature of 1200°C. It has high compactness, low water absorption, and does not absorb odor while it is difficult to seep. Pure natural materials, non-toxic, tasteless, non-radiation, and can be in direct contact with food. It is used to make bathroom countertops, which adds a strong guarantee to the safety of the bathroom. The characteristics of large, thin and hard, make it have more maneuverability, not limited to size, flexible customization, high hardness, wear resistance, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, and a longer service life than ordinary marble. When the slate wind blows, as an old brand with 21 years of experience, Gold Medal Sanitary Ware quickly seizes the opportunity of the times and launches a series of new slate products through a high-end full-service customization strategy. Now, let's come to 'Kangkang' these beautiful rock bathroom cabinets. Modern Milanese style, strong European style, black and white classic color matching, calm and restrained, simple and neat line design, without losing weight and lightness. (Modern Milanese style) (Modern Milanese style) A leisurely Zen Southeast Asian style, with deep colors and a strong religious atmosphere. The hanging cabinet design dilutes the heavy feeling of the color. On the whole, it is generous, natural, with 'rock(Southeast Asian style)
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