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Gold medal new rock board bathroom cabinet | function and beauty, proper C debut

by:KingKonree     2021-10-26
Gold Medal New Slate Bathroom Cabinet | Both Functional and Aesthetic. A proper C-position debut home decoration must have furniture that matches the style of the home decoration to make the whole space harmonious and unified. The bathroom, as a living space for modern homes to show the master's taste, the choice of bathroom cabinets is very important. In 2021, Gold Medal Sanitary Ware launched a series of new slate bathroom cabinets, highlighting the charm of the Gold Medal from the popular colors, humanistic design, material advantages, intelligent technology and other aspects, and perfectly interpreting the new style of bathroom life. A variety of styles, creating high-quality product model RFY8020 net celebrity ins wind horizontally and vertically, the cabinet is seamlessly connected, reflecting the exquisite craftsmanship of the gold medal bathroom; you can control the mirror light switch with a wave of hands, adjust the brightness and color temperature of the light, and have memory Function; hidden handle, effectively avoiding family members from being injured by bumps; whether it is the contrast effect of deep sea blue + flame black, or the practical and easy-to-care suspension setting, it reveals that what is important is not only beauty, It also makes daily storage and management more convenient and quicker, and the overall design is very user-friendly. Product model RFY8023 Simple, light and luxurious style. I believe many people will have this situation. It is often difficult to find what you want because there are too many things on the sink. This bathroom cabinet is designed on the basis of ensuring the overall appearance. With three open compartments of the same size for storage, commonly used small items can be sorted and placed, which is clear at a glance and easy to take. The modern new Chinese style of RFY8025 draws on the elements of oriental culture, abandons the shackles of complicated elements, and interprets the unique style of modern new Chinese style with minimalist lines and delicate texture. With a wave of your hand, you can control the switch and color temperature of the mirror light without touching it. Product model RFY8029 modern light luxury style is decorated with Morandi color system to highlight the modern light luxury of dazzling details, combined with the individual warm gray wood grain, inadvertently creating a tasteful texture. The hanging design is waterproof and moisture-proof, which can increase the service life of the cabinet and reduce the dead angle of sanitation. At the same time, it can ensure the storage of the cabinet is dry, moisture-proof and sterile. With smart round mirror lighting, you can experience a clearer and true mirror image. Product model RFY8921 modern industrial style The essence of this bathroom cabinet is to use flame black and brushed gold handles to create a calm, calm, tough and capable but romantic feeling. The main cabinet, mirror cabinet and open compartment storage are enough for daily storage. Demand brings a clean and orderly bathroom space. Product model RFY8923 modern minimalist style. This bathroom cabinet wins with the popular minimalist style. The simple design not only makes the bathroom space more spacious, but also this kind of color tone will not appear greasy for a long time. It is suitable for a variety of The decoration style, especially the minimalist style of home decoration combined with minimalist bathroom cabinets, does not have too much complicated design, simple and atmospheric lines, and divides the functional blocks. The bathroom cabinet is no longer just a traditional washing tool, but also a way of improving taste. Decorate. To satisfy consumers' beautiful imagination of sanitary products, it is not only necessary to have the beauty of design, but also to pass the quality. Gold sanitary ware knows this well and insists on both quality and design aesthetics. The raw materials of the products have been carefully selected and the manufacturing process is also very exquisite. The series of bathroom cabinets newly developed by the gold medal bathroom are undoubtedly the king of details. With an attitude of excellence, the perfect combination of manufacturing skills and design aesthetics. Although the bathroom is small, the attitude of 'not going' is the basis for a good life. I hope everyone can realize that the bathroom is not only a place to wash and go to the toilet, but also a place where one’s soul can rest. , And let your happiness in life be improved. Therefore, it is necessary to spend some time thinking about creating a comfortable, healthy and practical bathroom for yourself and your family. (
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