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Gold Medal Sanitary Ware: Encyclopedia of Bathroom Decoration Knowledge

by:KingKonree     2021-10-27
Gold Medal Bathroom: Encyclopedia of Bathroom Decoration Knowledge. Analysis of the key points of bathroom decoration. First: The floor should be non-slip. If there are elderly and children at home, the bathroom should be waterproof and non-slip bathroom floor materials. It is best to use anti-slip floor tiles with raised patterns. This kind of floor tiles Not only has good waterproof performance, but also will not be too slippery in the presence of water. When decorating the walls, wall tiles matching the floor tiles are also used, so that the bathroom decoration has an overall effect. When installing toilets and other sanitary wares, care should be taken not to damage the ground waterproofing. Second: The top should be moisture-proof. The top of the bathroom is moisture-proof and concealed. When decorating the top of the bathroom, it is best to use a pvc board with better waterproof performance. This kind of board can be installed on the keel to cover the pipe. Metal aluminum Alloy gusset is also a good choice for bathroom decoration. Third: Choose the sanitary ware that suits you. Sanitary ware is an important part of the sanitary ware. There are many types of sanitary ware in the mall at reasonable prices and suitable for you. You must choose the sanitary ware that suits you. If the bathroom area is small and the water pressure is unstable, there is no need to choose a larger massage bathtub, and the position of the upper and lower mouths will sometimes affect your choice of bathroom equipment. Fourth: The circuit must be safe, and safety first, the bathroom is relatively humid, so be extra careful when installing lights, wires, etc. It is best to choose the lamps and switches with safety protection, and the connectors and pins cannot be exposed. So don't do subtraction on these little things! Fifth: Lighting and ventilation are both important. Both lighting and ventilation are essential. Lighting and ventilation of the bathroom are also important. Since there is generally no natural light in the location, the brightness should be slightly stronger to make up for it. Lack of natural light. The designer recommends 1. A shower is best for a small bathroom. If the bathroom area is not more than 5 square meters, it is best not to choose a bathtub. The area saved by the shower room can be used to put the washing machine. Therefore, you should consider the actual situation of your family (housing area, financial resources, living habits, hobbies, etc.), and avoid blindly following the trend and copying the design. Sixth: The shower room is for the benefit of people. As people's living standards are increasing year by year, many family members have become 'big men'. It is difficult to spread hands and feet in a small shower room, and it is also very inconvenient to turn around. Although the shower room has the advantages of being fashionable, hygienic, space-saving, and easy to clean, it also benefits people. Seventh: It is good that the bathroom heater is installed in the middle of the bathtub. Many families install the bathroom heater in the middle of the bathroom, thinking that it will become very warm when installed in cold weather. In fact, when this installation method is used when the temperature is low in winter, the body will still feel very cold. Therefore, the Yuba should be installed above the middle of the bathtub during installation, so that even if the hot water is turned off and the soap is used in the bath in winter, it will not feel cold. Eighth: The choice of sanitary ware brand, the gold medal sanitary ware GOLD, started in 1999, is a domestic sanitary ware brand with complete product categories, large scale, professionalism and humanity. Excellent quality and caring service have won wide recognition from authoritative departments. The gold sanitary ware has successively won the 'National Quality Integrity Demonstration Enterprise'China's top ten engineering sanitary ware brands; In 2009, it was selected as a famous brand in China, and became the only sanitary ceramic product in the 6th China Ceramics Award Design Competition held by the China Ceramic Industry Association. (
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