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by:KingKonree     2021-10-27
Gold Medal Bathroom|Non-missing tips on bathroom storage. Have you gotten it? Storage is a science. A clean and tidy home gives people a comfortable and relaxed sense of happiness. As an indispensable part of the home, the cleanliness and order of the bathroom is not only related to the beauty and ugliness of the appearance, but more importantly, it will affect the health of every family member. How to make the bathroom clean and tidy, but also full of style? I think that you have to write down these 6 tips on storage....... It is important to choose the right bathroom products if you want to store them well, arrange the bathroom properly, and choose the right bathroom products. ! So how can we achieve 'the sparrow is small, but it has all five internal organs'? When purchasing products, it is better to listen to the few tips that Xiaobao gives everyone: Suggestion 1: Choose bathroom cabinets with high space utilization. Nowadays, the design of bathroom cabinets is not only aesthetic and practical, but also has a variety of styles. When choosing so, everyone is often dazzled, don't know which one to choose? But if you want high space utilization, you must choose a bathroom cabinet with a hidden mirror cabinet. Its storage space is instantly increased by 50%, and all kinds of items can be placed neatly. The open mirror cabinet can also separate dry and wet, which can reduce the multiplication of bacteria while facilitating the family's needs for fetching, and protect the health of the family. In terms of the detailed design of the bathroom cabinet, I have to boast. The gold medal bathroom Rhein Grey series bathroom cabinet has a side cabinet design on the side close to the toilet. It can be placed with tissues, toilet reading materials, mobile phones, etc., which is not only beautiful and generous, but also has a reasonable space arrangement. , It also saves the space for placing the shelf, which is really multi-tasking. Recommendation 2: Choose a compact, exquisite and full-featured toilet The bathroom space is small, and if you put a large size toilet, the entire space will become cramped and depressing. Choosing a compact toilet can greatly save bathroom space. The wall-mounted toilet is simply the favorite of small apartments. Hanging on the wall, there is no need to install ground drain pipes, it is convenient and clean to clean, there are no dead corners, and the appearance is exquisite and detailed, which is compelling, love, love. Suggestion 3: The shower head with a storage platform is an important part of the bathroom, and its selection should not be sloppy. The shower gel and shampoo used for bathing will accumulate yellow and dirt on the ground. It is convenient and convenient to buy a shelf to place it, but it needs to be installed in the wall, which not only occupies the space but also affects the beauty of the wall (more things are recommended to buy free Perforated shelf). Buying a shower head with a storage platform directly can solve the problem of placing bath products without damaging the wall, which is very practical and beautiful. Suggestion 4: Choose a five-piece towel rack with constant temperature heating. The towel rack is an indispensable storage artifact in the bathroom. The constant temperature heating model is beneficial to kill bacteria and keep the towels dry and clean. The towel rack spacing is reasonable. Can be placed at the same time, greatly saving storage space. The matching five-piece suit can be configured on demand, and it will never occupy an inch of the bathroom. Bathroom cabinets are divided into storage areas as the largest storage place, reasonable classification and neatly placed, can release more storage space. You know, the essence of storage is definitely not to place a bunch of items in a mess, but to divide and store them according to different functions. We can classify the items according to the volume, large drawers, small common mirror cabinets; also according to dry and wet classification, open mirror cabinets are the best, closed space to store dry supplies, open space to store mouthwash cups, toothbrushes, etc. Toiletries. In addition, we can put up the logo and sticky notes to let the whole family join us in our separate storage. Naturally, the bathroom will become more tidy and clean. There are so many things to set up a built-in full-length mirror cabinet. We can set up a built-in full-length mirror cabinet, but the premise is that the wall cannot be a load-bearing wall. The load-bearing structure of the room cannot be destroyed even if it is stored. Nowadays, many custom bathroom cabinets have full-length mirror cabinet designs, but they are basically external hanging type. To be honest, it is practical and practical, but it takes up space. Change the external suspension type to the built-in type, which allows you to look in the mirror and save space. This should be the highest configuration for storage. Clever use of wall space. Many babies say that they like the simple bathroom environment, but there are so many things, so what should I do? Reasonable use of wall space. The mouthwash cup, toothbrushes are hung upside down on the wall, bathroom slippers, bath balls, toiletries, toilet brush, and mop are all on the wall. As long as the space is allocated reasonably, everything looks neat and pleasing to the eye. Installing the toilet holder The toilet holder is often a storage artifact that is easy to be overlooked, but this space can still be used to place a lot of things. We can use the storage box to pack up small objects that are not commonly used but can be easily obtained when needed, and put them neatly on the toilet rack. This is not only visually beautiful and tidy, but also does not affect daily life activities. It really is a very good storage tip! When retractable storage cabinets are arranged in the bathroom design, there will inevitably be narrow and difficult to use areas. At this time, we can turn decay into magic. Customize retractable storage cabinets of appropriate size in these areas. In this way, you will not be afraid of more things. The cabinet will give you a fresh and tidy bathroom space. The meaning of simple, light and luxurious bathroom space storage is to simplify and regularize life. Just like a bathroom, as a functional space, it bears not only simple functional attributes, but also the perception of space and life aesthetics. . Therefore, letting the bathroom return to its true nature and form an orderly functional space is our original intention to make a good storage design. So, have you got the above 6 storage tips? Hurry up and take your hands, incarnate the little master, come and change the bathroom...
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