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Golden sanitary ware | Tips for maintenance of sanitary products

by:KingKonree     2021-10-27
Golden sanitary ware|Bathroom products maintenance tips, return your sanitary wares to be as clean as new. Women after 25 years of age need maintenance to delay the arrival of aging. Sanitary products are actually the same. If they are not maintained, they will become mottled, messy, and have no aesthetic feeling at all. Different sanitary products have different maintenance techniques. If you want the bathroom in your home to keep the look of the new installation, these small maintenance tips must be marked down with a notebook....First, the toilet The toilet is a bathroom The protagonist of the room is also the place where dirt is most likely to be hidden. If it is not cleaned in place, it will cause damage to human health. How to clean and maintain it to make it as clean as new? ① Choose a toilet with glazed inside and outside. The smooth glazed surface can reduce the adhesion of dirt, and the inner wall of the toilet is not easy to yellow. To be well maintained, the hardware must not be bad. ②Vinegar cleaning method. Pour vinegar into the toilet and let it stand for 30 minutes to soften the dirt inside the toilet. Use a nylon brush to clean it. ③Clean the pipes and flushing holes, preferably with a long-handled nylon brush and soapy water or neutral detergent. It is recommended to clean at least once a week. The filter should be cleaned at least once a month. ④ The toilet ring should be cleaned frequently. The toilet ring is most likely to be contaminated with feces, bacteria, and urine stains. Therefore, it should be cleaned at least every 3 days. The flannel gaskets used in winter should be replaced and disinfected daily to avoid spreading diseases. ⑤The surface of the toilet should also be cleaned regularly. You can use soapy water or a neutral detergent to clean it. After cleaning, be careful to wipe off the surface water stains. It is strictly forbidden to use steel brush and strong organic solution to clean, so as not to damage the porcelain surface of the product. Second, the bathroom cabinet article bathroom cabinet, responsible for the beauty of the bathroom! Many babies are distressed because the stains on the bathroom cabinet are difficult to clean. But after using it for a long time, it is inevitable that there will be defects, not to mention the installation environment of the bathroom cabinet is still the most humid bathroom? Therefore, it is very important to maintain the bathroom cabinet and extend its service life. ①Ventilation in the bathroom is very important, and it is best to separate dry and wet. Place the bathroom cabinet in a dry area to avoid splashes of water on the cabinet during bathing. The space is small, and the bathroom with dry and wet separation is not possible. It is recommended to buy a wall-mounted bathroom cabinet, which is waterproof and easy to clean. ②Water stain marks: Cover the marks with a wet cloth, and then carefully press the wet cloth several times with an electric iron to remove the marks. ③Scratches: If the lacquer on the surface of the bathroom cabinet is scratched and the wood under the lacquer is not damaged, we can apply the same color crayons and paints on the wound, and then lightly apply a layer of transparent nail polish. Achieve waxing effect. ④ Always use a soft cloth along the texture of the wood to remove dust from the cabinet. Before removing the dust, apply a spray cleaner (Bilizhu) on a soft cloth, and then wipe it to avoid scratches. ⑤Wax the bathroom cabinet every 6-12 months. Before waxing, wipe off the old wax with mild non-alkaline soapy water, and then apply the creamy wax evenly on the bathroom cabinet to achieve the effect of insect-proof and waterproof. 3. Hardware articles Bathroom hardware includes showers, faucets, angle valves, bath towel racks, towel racks, towel rings, paper towel racks, shelf racks, soap boxes, etc. The bathroom is relatively humid, which can easily cause rusty products and rusty hardware The parts contain harmful metal elements such as lead and cadmium, which seriously endanger human health and children's intellectual development, especially to the skin. We call it 'the invisible killer of the bathroom① Wipe frequently and minimize contact with alkaline substances to avoid rust and corrosion. ②There is dust on the surface, dirt, oil, etc. that are not easy to clean. Use a neutral detergent or a special detergent to scrub it. ③Do not use hard steel wire balls, chemical agents or steel brushes to scrub, but use a soft cloth or soft towel with clean water to clean. If water droplets remain on the hardware, wipe it off with a dry towel. ④The shower in the home should be cleaned every six months or less. When cleaning, remove the shower and put it in a small basin, soak it in white vinegar water for four to six hours, and then use a cotton rag to spray the surface of the shower. After wiping clean and re-installing the interface, let the water flow for a while, and wait for the white vinegar and scale to flow out with the water. This can eliminate or reduce the influence of scale on the shower and have a certain sterilization effect. ⑤The wax oil has a strong decontamination ability. It can be applied to a clean white cotton cloth to thoroughly clean the hardware pendants, which can prolong the service life of the product. After use, rinse the detergent with clean water and wipe off the residual moisture. If you want sanitary products to be durable and long-lasting, daily maintenance can't be sloppy. Have you got the maintenance tips shared with everyone today? (
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