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Gone are the days when our bathrooms comprised

by:KingKonree     2020-12-09

Here are a few ways to give this place a modish and trendy look:-

Define Luxury

Luxury is not all about massive Jacuzzis, glorious bath tubs, magnificent wash basins, and splendid lightings. For some luxury can even be a place, which seems pleasing to eyes. Of course, if money is no bar you can call for a lavish lifestyle. You can do simple things to add charm to this place. Use glass or metal to bring some magic to the place. It depends on how you judge your definition of luxury.

Bathroom Flooring

Ceramic tiles and marbles in bathroom is everybody's personal favorite yet you have a variety of choices in terms of patterns and colors. Even simple flooring can look elegant with stylish accessories. Right! It depends on how you formulate your idea of creativity. Whereas, use of flashy flooring and tiles would definitely tempt you to visit the place again and again!

Modish walls

Style and fashion is all about playing with designs and colors. Similarly, you can play with your bathroom walls too. Bright, catchy and flashy walls are a treat to everyone's eyes. Choose the wall paint cautiously as they are splashed with water every day. Use good and expensive paint to sustain your walls without ugly stains.

Apt accessories

When it comes to accessories, be wise and careful while choosing them. Do not get tempted by looking at the variety of bathroom accessories available in the market. Select a product only if you are comfortable in using it. Be it a WC, shower, tap or basin... Do not feel shy in selecting your style of commodity. Agree?


In the past, bulbs were the most common lighting used in bathroom. Today, the market is flooded with contemporary lighting system, which brightens up your bathroom. CFL or soft lamp shades can glam up your place within seconds. From soft lights to flashy lamps, the bazaar has it all!

Fresheners and perfumes

Smell good, feel good! We all love roses and peaches! You need to make this place a 'feel good' place to set your mood cheerful for the rest of the day. Remember, Cleopatra's beauty bath? If you want to relax and take beauty bath like her you need to do the needful. Of course, this applies to males too.

Most important of all, no matter, how accessorized your bathroom is if there is no hygiene and cleanness everything will go vain. This is why we say cleanliness is next to godliness!

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