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Granite is a natural magma-tic stone renowned

by:KingKonree     2020-08-18

What really makes granite a treasure is its natural beauty. Granite counter look enchanting and they fit into various types of kitchen interior. Besides, granite counters are among the few that last for decades and even outlive the home itself! They have just one drawback they hit your wallet pretty hard.

A good thing needs good attitude. Granite countertops require regular maintenance and cleaning. There are dos and don'ts as to cleaning granite counters, which you should follow in order to keep your countertop shining with beauty throughout lifetime.

Granite is a porous material and it stains easily. Therefore, spots and smudges must be wiped down immediately. If you miss it, the substance may get deep into the surface and become irremovable. Here comes the best cleaning method ever prevention!

In order to keep your granite counter in a decent shape for as long as you wish. It must be sealed properly and on a regular basis. The sealant will block the pores and make the surface feel smooth and even. As you use your countertop, the sealant will gradually thin out and bare the stone. This creates a potential for staining. Seal your countertop at least once or twice every year.

To keep your counter secure against stains and loss of color, you should pick out the right cleaning agent for regular maintenance. Granite countertops are best cleaned with stone soap and water, which you can find at home. No need to rush around hardware stores for aggressive detergents pretty much touted by cleaning supply retailers. Please, do not use vinegar, acidic ingredients or abrasive cleaners on your kitchen countertop. This may cause damage to the sealant and the stone itself. Use mild pH-based dishwashing liquids.

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