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Granite kitchen countertops are surely the very

by:KingKonree     2020-08-19

Let us concisely report a few benefits and negative aspects related with granite over many other types of counter top products.


- It is long lasting or you can say durable as well as solid material.

- It has a water-resistance quality as well as reduced maintenance.

- Heat resistance feature of granite kitchen countertops makes it even more adorable as well as scratch resistant feature is also unmatched.

-It adds value within the house and in your kitchen.

Negatives effects of granite kitchen countertops:

- It may cause stains if not sealed properly and look clumsy.

- Color match can be quite challenging task for you when you actually think to install it in your kitchen.

- Heavy and complicated for a do-it-yourself activity so it will be a better deal to consult an expert for its installation.

- Certainly it does need routine sealing of surface area to maintain its good look and in order to stay for long.

The most cost efficient alternative to get a granite 'look' countertop would be to install granite tile for your kitchen counter tops.

In place of spacing these types of tiles, it is recommended to fit all of them luxuriously together side to edge and then fasten them together with an epoxy glue. Commonly the actual platform counter would be plywood or particle board along with a 1/4' layer of concrete backer board combined to the top to accept the floor tiles.

Basically, these are smooth granite floor tiles made use of to manufacture the look of a granite kitchen counter. Without any doubt it becomes an cheap process in order to get this type of kind of appearance, however, as a result of the amount of connections produced by this type of application, it is also acknowledged less value added to the actual residence.

Solid an sturdy granite kitchen countertops are certainly the high end alternative for any kitchen countertops. This is definitely what nearly all potential customers might be expecting in order to find whenever they hear that an asset includes granite tops. It is the best and perfect appearance and the very least maintenance material.

Due to the fact this kind of process is fabricated offsite with the utilization of special tools and installers, then moved to the actual household to be attached, it's exceptionally a do it yourself task. The extra weight from the solid tops can definitely vary from somewhere between one hundred lbs to a large extent more than 600 pounds depending on the size of the countertop.

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