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Granite vanities in the bathroom are climbing

by:KingKonree     2020-08-21

Exclusively beautifying luxurious homes during the early days, granite vanities are now a prominent figure in homes of all social classes throughout America and even the world. Why is it so? The first reason is that in the bathroom and kitchen, particularly on countertops, the luster of polished granite is craved by householders to the highest degree. This craving does not die down by the price of granite, which is expensive. It is certainly not to be mistaken that granite is cheap. One more reason behind its popularity is that granite is literally a natural rock and hence, it is extremely sturdy and holds back its look for a long time with minimum care. Its permanence is simply mind-boggling. You can undoubtedly call a granite bathroom vanity a gift for ages. It can easily stand the test of time with the most rigorous usage.

Apart from being a stunning stone, a granite bathroom countertop is not very demanding when it comes to maintaining it. Similar to the majority of natural stones, granite is porous as well, so it can soak up liquids and perhaps stain. Before it is transported, a protective sealer is applied to a slab of granite during its processing at the factory. This sealer guards it against staining. If your granite bathroom vanity top is used heavily, it is recommended that you apply the sealer again at least once a year. It would be better if you apply it two times a year. You can perform this specific task yourself or seek the help of a professional. To cleanse the dirty surface, simply make use of a gentle soap and lukewarm water. Stay away from household cleansing agents for cleaning because they may damage the protecting sealing on the granite countertop that is used when the block is processed.

Hence, start shopping around and attempt to make optimum utilization of your money. While purchasing granite vanities, do not hesitate to ask for a discount. Several online suppliers offer fabulous discounts to their customers. Just purchase a bath vanity with a top-quality granite top, polished wooden base, multiple working drawers and doors, and other ornamental details. There is no doubt that your bathroom will never be the same as it was before.

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