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Having a hemorrhoid is unexpected. So most people

by:KingKonree     2020-06-05
Constipation and Diarrhea - Having a hard stool and straining too hard to let it pass causes pressure on the rectum and makes the veins swell. In case of diarrhea, there are frequent passing of stool even though the fecal matter is soft, the pushing is nearly the same strain as you are when you are constipated. Standing and sitting for long time - These factors may be considered indirect causes of hemorrhoids but prolonged sitting or standing, you are involuntarily adding pressure on your anus area. Pregnancy and obesity - If you are obese, you hardly carry your own weight, when standing or walking and running. Worst if you are sitting, the pressure of your body is bearing on the anal region may be aggravating existing hemorrhoids. Same as during pregnancy, extra pressure from the weight of the baby pulling downwards towards the anus area put more pressure on the hemorrhoids. More pressure will be exerted the day of delivery. Heavy lifting - Jobs that require heavy lifting can cause hemorrhoids too. The more you carry heavy things, the more pressure is felt in the anal area. Anal sex - This may be a controversial issue but doing so according to medical experts, it can cause hemorrhoids. Anal sex will only irritate the hemorrhoidal area and can cause detrimental damage. Best hemorrhoid treatment proven by people who suffered hemorrhoids. No one likes to talk about hemorrhoids because it can be embarrassing that is why only few people seek help about this painful condition. So to avoid feeling uncomfortable because of hemorrhoids, you now know what to avoid. Better practice healthy living to avoid causes of disturbing hemorrhoids.
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