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Having a mirror that not only suits your needs

by:KingKonree     2020-09-24

Luna Home Store offers a range of 3 mirrors each providing many features to any room. These three beautifully designed mirrors are: none illuminated, illuminated and led & backlit illuminated mirrors. Whether you're searching for simple, sophisticated or stylish you will be able to find your perfect mirrors today.

Non Illuminated mirrors can compliment any size, shape or design of room. Having a mirror place in a room will instantly brighten up and have a feeling of more space and airiness within any room. The non illuminated styles of mirror are simple and sophisticated offering a modern twist to any room within the home. With nearly 50 designs, shapes and sizes to choose from at Luna Home Store you are ensured to find your desired mirror.

Purchasing an illuminated mirror will help to brighten and freshen up a vast array of rooms within any home. The beautiful lighting within the mirrors help to add extra light to the room making the room feel more fresh and modern. Illuminated mirrors are a great addition to any room and can help with common tasks taken in the bathroom. Sometimes the main light in the room doesn't help when shaving, applying makeup and brushing your teeth. With an illuminated mirror the extra lighting helps to reach areas where the main lighting may not reach. With a vast array of illuminated mirrors to choose from you are ensured to find the perfect one for you and your home.

With an LED and backlit illuminated mirror you will be provided with extra lighting within a stylish and modern mirror. With this style of mirror you will be able to update and modernise your home without breaking your wallet. A LED and backlit illuminated mirror provides you with extra lighting where the main lighting doesn't reach, helping with everyday tasks. Whether you're searching for a mirror for your bathroom, bedroom or living room an LED and backlit illuminated mirror can provide you with many benefits.

Purchasing a mirror for any room within your home has now been made easier and quicker with the help of Luna Home Store. A Mirrors size is very important as every room in every home will be slightly different in size and shape and a mirror to small or too large will not benefit the room as much. Purchasing a mirror too small will make the room seem empty however, choosing a mirror too big will make your room seem smaller and less spacious. There are now a vast range of sizes for your consideration and also orientation. Mirrors can now be landscape or portrait and range from 20cm high and 20cm wide to 53cm high and 100cm wide.

If you're looking for a quick and easy service providing only the highest quality products at competitive prices, Luna Home Store is the place for you. With a large array of testimonials from previous customers you will be able to see the high quality service you will be provided.

Finding the perfect mirror for your bathroom, living room or bedroom shouldn't have to be a difficult and daunting task and with Luna Home Store with just a few clicks of your mouse

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