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[Headline] UNIPLUS artificial stone debut in the Middle East five major industry exhibitions (BIG5)

by:KingKonree     2020-04-23

November is the best tourist season in Dubai, and the right temperature attracts many UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt.

Professional buyers from regions and countries such as India gathered in the five major industry exhibitions in Dubai (BIG5).

This time, Universal Stone made its debut at BIG5, both in terms of the choice of exhibiting products and the design effect of the booth. The overall design of the booth continues the simple style of the past, using elegant white on a large area, and the wavy wall and black and white musical mosaic floor made of artificial stone add a little jump to the elegant brand connotation.

The booth design also incorporates the unique elements of Dubai. The exhibits are the classic works of Universal Stone in Dubai – the ivory beige lotus sink in the Sheikh Abu Dhabi Mosque and the vine-like stone carvings, carved in white Yugoslavia. Bamboo, even a simple part, is a mosaic of stone art.

Since I came to Dubai to exhibit, how can I feel less luxurious? Cool-tone gemstone imposition, the water knife jade stone sink in the Emirates Palace Hotel, 3D engraving snow white products........Show luxury in the subtleties.

With its unique design and fine craftsmanship, Universal Stone has broken the simple vertical board display of the past foreign exhibitions, creatively combined different products, and won many professional merchants, designers and peers in this BIG5 exhibition. Favored, it has become the focus of attention of many viewers. Next, Universal Stone will continue to intensively work hard to enhance its core competitiveness and show the world the extraordinary brand charm of global stone!

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