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Health and technology become the development trend of sanitary products

by:KingKonree     2021-05-21

According to merchants, in addition to focusing on product design, the most important improvement of new sanitary products this year is to increase investment in health technology. The application of antibacterial technology in the latest batch of products appears to be outstanding. For example, the use of new materials with harmless human antibacterial ingredients can effectively inhibit bacteria for a long time. At the same time, the use of ultra-low lead faucets makes the surface lead content only Half of the American national standard; using super-clean technology and adding silver ion compounds to greatly improve the flatness of the glaze, without providing a living environment for bacteria, so as to achieve antibacterial effects.

Luxury enjoyment has become a trend

In recent years, as people’s requirements for bathroom space have become higher and higher, there is a growing demand for a 'SPA' (hydrotherapy) at home. Related purchase costs have also risen. Jacuzzi bathtubs have gradually become a climate, with a variety of designs, such as single, double, left-curved, round, fan-shaped... and there are many accessories, and the price is not cheap. Take the massage bathtub with computer control as an example. The bottom is designed to fit the curve of the human body. There are several massage nozzles and waterproof lights, equipped with bath pillows, and some have a radio function, and can be connected to a CD player. These complicated functions are all controlled by the waterproof electronic panel on the bathtub.

There is also a more luxurious option, that is, the sauna and steam room, which can be called a master of sanitary equipment, and the price of a set can easily be 6 figures. In the sauna steam room, everything from various shower equipment to mirrors, mouthwash cup holders, bath chairs, foot massagers, etc. is set up. The steam function complements dozens of massage nozzles, making it easy and hygienic at home. 'Sauna' also creates a complete and independent bathroom.

Transparency is no longer considered avant-garde

According to our understanding, transparency is no longer considered avant-garde, but has become a popular trend in bathroom. This kind of transparency breaks through the privacy of the bathroom, which is quite popular among fashionable young people. In addition, in the design of home decoration, new bathroom rooms such as sunny bathrooms, transparent ceilings, and open-air bathrooms have also appeared one after another, which makes people and nature more harmonious, and can experience the private pleasure of more intimate bathing.

The appearance of wooden barrels in the bathroom also gives modern people more choices in bathing. Modern wooden bath barrels are no different from traditional wooden barrels in shape. Metal hoops and wood-colored wood chips are the basic elements. As for whether to choose a round or oval shape, you can choose what you need, and you can even draw your own A drawing or a description of your ideal bathtub, the manufacturer can tailor it to the style and size you want. In order to achieve the overall harmony, a well-designed floor, wall, and washbasin all-wood bath room came into being, and you can thoroughly enjoy the 'day bath'.

Bathroom kits are becoming more popular

Mouth cups, soap boxes, etc. are necessities in daily life, and the purchase of these bathroom kits as a set is indeed one piece in the eyes of pragmatic Jiangmen people. Something new.

With the emergence of some noble and elegant home living halls, such as Jishiduo Sanitary Wares, Fancy Houses, etc., many people's home concepts have been changed. The original bathroom kits can also decorate life like works of art. In these home furnishing stores, there are many small kits of chic and diversified bathroom products, which are exquisite and exquisite. Putting them in the bathroom has a finishing touch and becomes a beautiful view of the home.

According to the owners of some sanitary ware shops, the small bathroom kits are meticulous and exquisite in taste, and they have become the products purchased by many housewives and trendy women.

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