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[Heavy Eggs] Hurry up and say byebye to mold and win the battle of health protection!

by:KingKonree     2021-05-22

At the moment of the epidemic, the clarion call for home health protection has already sounded! Eliminating molds in the home can be regarded as a 'cleanliness highlight

Ms. Su of Dongguan consulted Uncle De, is there any edge-cutting glue that has good anti-mildew effect, safe performance, and it matches well with the European style light luxury at home?

Still worrying about these problems? It's time to say goodbye to moldy, dirty and dark, and give myself and my family a clean kitchen and bathroom space. Today, Uncle De will give a grand introduction to everyone, Yan Gao's 'Deco Antifouling and Mildew Resistant Glue (for kitchen and bathroom)'!

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Questions u0026 Answers

Q: What kind of edge finishing glue is this?

A: It is an edge-finishing seam product suitable for kitchen, bathroom, shower room and other environments, with both edge-finishing seams and beautifying decorative effects.

In addition to excellent anti-mold effect, flexibility and super adhesion, it also has super waterproof and strong anti-fouling functions.

Q: Is there any color, is it safe?

A: Elegant pure white, low-key translucent, light luxury gilt, simple sub-light gray, four colors to choose from.

The product has passed the French A+ indoor environmental quality certification, and is healthy and safe. It can be said that it is a safe choice for the edge of the kitchen and bathroom area.

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