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Hefei booth decoration

by:KingKonree     2021-04-25

   Thousands of spectators flooded into the exhibition, and they saw the booths of various manufacturers with their own styles. The colorful scenes were often dizzying. They could hardly imagine that just before the start of the exhibition, there was still a 'planned and organized' chaos, with trucks busy, truck drivers busy checking seats, and exhibitors waiting for their goods to arrive. The main task of the exhibition freight is to build and dismantle the booth on time. This task is not competent for non-experts. Now we will introduce to you the relevant knowledge of Hefei booth decoration, hope it will be helpful to you.

  Hefei booth decoration

  Various exhibitions have a variety of exhibits, such as flying in the sky, helicopters, and live animals running on the ground. Entering the main exhibition venue, there are correspondingly different requirements for exhibition freight. Exhibitors should determine whether to use their own or rent the transportation and handling equipment according to the content and quantity of the goods, or simply entrust a moving company. They can get a lot of useful advice from the exhibition movers, because the latter are responsible for the booth construction process and coordination, such as arranging the order when many suppliers come at the same time, and they also rent out manpower and equipment.

   There are generally two loading and unloading possibilities for exhibition booth construction.

   The first is direct loading and unloading, which means that trucks are driven directly to the exhibition hall according to the booth construction date, and the exhibition mover is responsible for unloading and intermediate storage. Since exhibitors do not have to worry about this link, they can save some corresponding costs. In addition, those easily damaged items such as glass or marble slabs only need to be transported once. In this way, it should be noted that the time budget should be looser and the possibility of various delays should be considered, for example, traffic jams or accidents. If the quantity is small or the delivery is in advance, it is best to concentrate transportation.

  Before the start of the booth construction, the goods should be transported to the exhibition mover, who will temporarily store the goods and transport them to the booth location according to the specified time. It should be noted that bulky and large items are best to be transported to the scene first. Generally, there is no truck crane in the exhibition hall, which can lift these materials, but if the booth is built more than half of the time, such a machine will be difficult to use. Up.

  Of course, professional exhibition movers can definitely find ways to put all the exhibits in the exhibition hall, and sometimes they also perform good shows. Imagine if the distance between the crane and the booths on both sides is only ten centimeters, compared with the huge car body, this neutral gear is almost 'one shot'. When the objects cannot be transported in from the gate, the 'old and difficult freight group' is put to use. They must first unload the objects from the car, then install wheels under it, and finally push them into the exhibition hall by hand. .

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