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Hilton HOTEL Cleveland, OHNV 89081

Project: Hilton HOTEL Cleveland, OHNV 89081

Project Description: 

Customer: Hilton Hotel

Product: Vanity sink

Material: Solid surface sheet

Quantity: 216 pcs

Application: Applicable to bathroom


1.  Zero-pore; environmental friendlyness; High durable; anti abrasion & scratch, yellowness; smoothness; 

2. Color in elegant white, graceful in design, delicate in style;

3. Minimize underwater sound.

Product Info:

This integrated vanity sink is a contemporary cabinet basin crafted out of solid surface material.The finished form is sleek and curvaceous, with a seamless appearance featured with minimalism.

KKR's solid surface is a smooth appealingness. As well as being attractive to both eye and touch, solid surface is a durable, anti-abrasion and scratch, low maintenance surface is ideallyand peacefully in match with the bathroom environment.

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