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Hilton Hotel in Cleveland, OHNV 89081

Project: Hilton Hotel in Cleveland, OHNV 89081


Project Description:

Customer: Hilton hotel

Product: Vanity sink

Material: Solid surface sheet

Quantity: 216 pcs

Application: Applicable to bathroom


1.  Zero-pore, environmental friendliness; high durability; anti-abrasion & scratch, smoothness;

2. White, graceful in design, delicate in style;

3. Reduce the noise from the underwater;


Product Info:

This integrated vanity sink is a contemporary cabinet basin crafted out of solid surface materials. The finished form is sleek and curvaceous.


KKR's solid surface sheet is attractive to both eye and touch. It is durable, anti-abrasion and scratch, which allows it to match the bathroom environment.

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