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Home bathtub purchase strategy

by:KingKonree     2021-05-16

The busy living environment makes people want to have a relaxing bathroom. A comfortable bathtub is essential, but the purchase of a bathtub is also a knowledge. Let's take a look at the guide to the purchase of bathtubs introduced by the editor!

Part1: When buying a bathtub, you must be optimistic about the material. It is guaranteed to choose a bathtub

Because the manufacturing material basically determines the performance of the bathtub, when buying a bathtub, make sure that the material you want is very The key point is to distinguish from the materials manufactured. Generally, there are wooden, artificial stone, acrylic, pearlescent board, and cast iron bathtubs. Bathtubs of different materials have their own different characteristics. Let's take a look at the introduction of these bathtubs.

Understand the material of the bathtub

There are many kinds of bathtub materials commonly used in the home, including wooden bathtubs, artificial stone bathtubs, acrylic, pearlescent boards and cast iron bathtubs. These bathtubs are made of materials Different, the style and effect of the made are also different, let's take a look.

Wooden bathtub: It has natural cypress oil and fendol essence. Artificial stone bathtub: Because of its unique workmanship and unique materials, it is called a casting tank. Acrylic bathtub: The surface material is methyl propyl methyl, the reverse is covered with glass fiber, and it is coated with special resin for reinforcement. Pearlescent board bathtub: the pearlescent board is used as the material. The pearlescent board has a hierarchical structure, which is composed of the bottom layer, the pearlescent layer and the plexiglass layer. The pearlescent layer is located between the bottom layer and the plexiglass layer. Cast iron bathtub: It is made of cast iron, and the surface is covered with enamel, so it is very heavy.

There are three types of bathtub arrangements in the bathroom: shelving type, embedded type, and semi-sink type. The shelving type means that the bathtub is shelved against the corner of the wall. This method is convenient for construction and easy to repair. It is suitable for use when the floor and ground have been decorated. Embedded is to embed the bathtub in the countertop. The countertop is conducive to placing toiletries, but it takes up a lot of space. The semi-sink type is to bury the 1∕3 of the bathtub under the ground or into a high platform with steps. The bathtub is about 400mm on the bathroom floor or countertop. Compared with the shelving type, it is easier and more convenient to enter and exit the bathtub. It is suitable for the year Used by the elderly and infirm. Now it is widely used.

Part2: Choose the bathtub according to the function **comfortable bathtub

It can be said that bathing is a great enjoyment of life. If there is a comfortable bathtub at home, it will be the icing on the cake. Soaking in the bath will sweep away the tiredness during the day, so it is very important to buy a suitable bathtub. There are many types of bathtubs now. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of bathtubs divided by function.

Select the most suitable bathtub by function

According to the function, the bathtub can be divided into massage bathtub, folding bathtub, and sitting-foaming bathtub.

Massage bathtub: It includes a cylinder body with a cylinder edge, a shower and a switch on the cylinder edge, a circular cylinder body, and a surfing nozzle in the cylinder body. Foldable bathtub: It is a new type of bathtub with double-layer waterproof cloth and a sponge as the cylinder body. The thickness of the sponge is ≥5mm. Sit-soaking bathtub: It is a bathtub that can be soaked while sitting. It is a bathtub designed mainly for the elderly. Its characteristic is that the height is about 50% higher than that of ordinary bathtubs. It is suitable for sitting-soaking bathtubs. .

There are many shapes of bathtubs, generally including square bathtubs, oval bathtubs, heart-shaped bathtubs and round bathtubs. In addition, there are also triangular bathtubs, which are generally used less frequently, and there are some irregular shapes. The bathtub is used in large bathrooms and is rarely used in families. Here are some common specifications for your reference.

Part3: Check to avoid being deceived by function selection techniques

When choosing a bathtub, there are many elements to consider. The first thing to consider is the brand and material. This is usually Determined by the purchase budget; followed by the size, shape and location of the faucet hole of the bathtub. These elements are determined by the layout and objective size of the bathroom. After that, you must choose the style and style of the bathtub according to your own interests and preferences. Comfort. More importantly, don't let the sellers fool you when purchasing. The following editor will introduce you to the tips for purchasing bathtubs.

Do a good job of surface inspection

The surface inspection of the bathtub includes: the observation of surface gloss, smoothness and thickness. For example, looking at gloss, you can understand the pros and cons of the material by looking at the surface gloss, which is suitable for bathtubs of any kind of material. You can see the smoothness by touching the surface by hand.

Material inspection

Material inspection is mainly the inspection of firmness. You can test the firmness by pressing it with your hands or stepping on it. The sturdiness of the bathtub is related to the quality and thickness of the material, and it is invisible by visual inspection. You need to try it yourself. Under the condition of gravity, such as standing in, whether it feels sinking.

Motor inspection

The inspection of the motor includes noise, motor horsepower, listening to the sound of water, etc. to judge. If you buy a high-end bathtub, it is best to 'test the water' and listen to the sound when you buy it. If the motor noise of the jacuzzi is too loud, the enjoyment will not be achieved, but it will become a burden.

See service

Good service is the guarantee of happy shopping. In addition to product quality, brand, and cost-effectiveness, after-sales service is also an important factor that consumers should consider, so ** The latter one depends on the seller’s service, especially after-sales service, to see if on-site measurement and installation services are provided. And whether there is a quality certificate. These are our guarantees for buying genuine bathtubs.

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