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Home decoration: how to choose a wash basin

by:KingKonree     2021-05-16

The decoration of the bathroom can be said to be one of the most expensive places in the home decoration. Although there are only a few square meters, there are many configurations: bathtub (shower room or steam room), toilet, Wash basins... And the bathroom products on the market today can be said to have many styles and different specifications, which really make you dazzled when you buy, especially the choice of wash basins is 'colorful.'

In the past, the wash basins we saw were generally divided into above-counter basins, under-counter basins, and pedestal basins. They were basically the same, but slightly different in color, size, and depth. Now you go to the market again, the forms are still these three, but the shape and materials have undergone a lot of changes.

The first is the change of materials. In the traditional concept, wash basins are all ceramic. But now, glass, metal, and synthetic materials are all used to make wash basins.

Especially in recent years, crystal clear, colorful glass wash basins broke the pattern of ceramic wash basins dominating the world, bringing a refreshing breeze to the sanitary ware market. Compared with ceramic washbasins, glass washbasins are easier to clean and have a better finish.

The second is appearance modeling. In the past, it was generally round. Nowadays, the personalized wash basin may be square or long, six-sided, fan-shaped, some like a bowl, some like a hat.

This 'alternative' bathroom wash and wash basin bring richer colors to the 'personal bathroom'.

Of course, the quality of brand-name products is known to everyone, but the price is quite amazing; the price of general brand-name products is relatively reasonable, but the quality of the products varies, and it is easy to buy inferior products. When buying general brand products, how should I choose?

1. It is best to buy tempered glass basins and glass countertops, because tempered glass has several characteristics: high temperature resistance (can withstand 100 degrees Celsius) ), impact resistance, no injury (it becomes round glass pellets after breakage). From these points alone, it is better than ordinary glass, and the price is only 60-100 yuan higher than ordinary glass.

2. Don’t think that the thicker the glass of the wash basin, the better. Some people think that the thicker the basin, the less likely it is to be damaged. In fact, the thicker the glass basin’s heat transfer rate when it contains hot water The slower it is, the temperature difference between inside and outside will be formed at this time. The glass basin will crack under the action of thermal expansion and contraction, just like putting ice cubes in boiling water. The greater the temperature difference, the more serious the rupture will be. Then your glass will be broken. The basin becomes a glass 'artwork'. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the basin can be made into 12mm. As for the countertop, there are not many requirements. 12mm and 15mm are no problem.

3. When choosing a glass wash basin, pay attention to whether the edges of the basin and the frame are rounded, and products with cut-off edges are not safe to use. In addition, the quality of the wash basin can be distinguished from whether the glass contains bubbles, and there are bubbles in the glass used in the inferior glass wash basin.

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