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by:KingKonree     2020-01-23
Bernard Glaston
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Standard size glazed tile(4x4 inch)
Now you can make your own 12-inch checkerboard, which is joined by nine tiles and flexible silicone rubber paste used in factories. This paste not only eliminates the need for grouting each joint separately after the tiles are raised, but also forms a highly stain-resistant and mildew-proof joint, as well as a completely waterproof joint, which is not usually encountered except for its elasticity. The impact of another common problem. -
Rubber groat will not dry or crack like traditional cement slurry after a period of aging.
Produced by Orland Ceramic Tile Company in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, the name is \"easy to wear\".
This pre-grouted slab tile was first introduced two years ago, but until now it has only been provided to professional contractors and water intakes.
Next month cotton ginning, however, tiles will also be sold.
\"Achieve your mission through at least one large national mail order company\" (Sears Roebuck)
And eventually through other offline dealers. Because.
Easy installation eliminates the most time-consuming grouting problem, and since it uses plates that enable home mechanics to install nine tiles at a time, these pre-grouted tiles are faster and easier to install than single tiles.
They can be placed on any solid surface with a solid structure. -
Gypsum board, mortar, plywood, even directly on the wall of ceramic tile-
It can also be used to cover bathroom walls.
Bathtub and shower recesses, kitchen, laundry and sundry room walls, dressing table and back baffle.
The edge of each piece of paper is.
Glazed, so in most cases no decoration or edge treatment is required.
Except for 12 square inches of sheets(
A pack of five sheets of paper costs about $10.
These tiles have six colours to choose from, as well as Suites specially designed for covering A. tub surround (
The wall around the concave bathtub)
The cost is about $100. These kits include larger, pre-grouted ceramic tiles with curved inner corners and strips.
Dressing the side of the bathtub and four extra tiles to prevent cracking. The design fits the standard 60-inch bathtub. The kit includes enough material to reach a wall height of 56 inches and is designed to match the grouting line.
Note: Solvent-based adhesives are installed on ceramic tiles, and a notched plaster is applied to the wall. -
Usually only one sheet of paper can be covered at a time.
Ordinary glass cutters and rulers can be used when cutting ceramic tiles, but there is an optional cutting tool for cutting rulers as quickly and accurately as possible.
A pair of end pliers is required for small bending cuts around pipes and similar protrusions. (
Cutting forceps with cutting edges at the end of each forceps)
Or, you can even use a vise.
Usually, all incisions should be made before the glue is applied.
Note: In order to ensure the same appearance on the finished wall, be sure to install Do-it-Yourself from the horizontal line of the first sheet of paper.
Neighbouring tile panels will be arranged automatically and evenly spaced, because the design of the plate does not require gaskets.
The seam between the two pieces of paper is finally filled. After all, the tile is facing up.
The grouting is removed by using a special filling cartridge loaded with silicone rubber between the filling cartridge and a single ceramic tile. (
Filling seam).
To this end, each cartridge case is equipped with a short nozzle, and the compound is evenly and smoothly squeezed in. as possible.
Then each joint is flattened with a denatured cotton cloth stained with denatured alcohol and the redundant parts are removed before it hardens.
A separate nozzle with a long, thin nozzle is used to fill the corner joints and around the filling pipe.
In addition to the cutting and installation direction, the installation mode of the bathtub surround kit is roughly the same as that of sheet paper. (
Provide with each suite)
You have to lie back more carefully to get a symmetrical job.
There are four big sheets on the back wall and four on the end wall behind the bathtub. (
Two at each end).
The inner corner is made by peeling off the back of a piece of paper and simply pressing them in place.
Home repair clinic: The insulation layer on the floor of my attic is made of rock wool floss wrapped in water-soaked paper moisture-proof layer. The surface of this paper has cracked and is no longer an effective moisture-proof layer.
I want to add some insulation now. -
Can I put fiberglass on the existing insulation material? Should the aluminum foil on the fiberglass face up or down, if possible? M. N. D Metuchen, N. J.
Answer: Because the old steam barrier has been severely damaged, I will treat the work as if there is no steam barrier.
In other words, put down the new material to warm the steam barrier. side—
In the attic, it means facing down.
But make sure there are no other old steam barriers-
If necessary, make additional cutting or slicing on the old barrier before putting down the new material.
Question: Can I get rid of rust on the bathtub?
When I was on vacation, I dropped a metal flowerpot there. It was so rusty that it left a ring that I couldn\'t take off.
I tried bleaching and so on.
It seems that nothing works. N. S. R.
Philadelphia answered: If washing can\'t do this, then bleaching with fresh laundry bleach should be done.
Cover the stain with a white paper towel, then pour the bleach on it and add it constantly to keep it moist.
If this treatment does not work, try scrubbing with a paste made of pumice powder and water. -
This will remove some gloss from the finish, but it should make your TC scour the stain.
Advertisement: There are many water stains on my hardwood floor.
Are there any products that can remove these stains, or do floors have to be repainted and renovated? R. T. C. North PlanfieldJ.
A: According to your description, I think the stain is on wood, not just on the surface. (
If the surface is treated, it should be polished with a good detergent or rubbed gently with fine steel wool. .
If my assumption is correct, then I am afraid the only solution is to sandpaper the floor into bare wood and then coat it with two or three varnishes or similar coatings for surface treatment.
Readers\'Views on Housing Renovation should be sent to Times Square Housing Renovation Department in New York Times. Y. 10036.
Only questions of general interest will be answered in this column: a version of this archive will be printed on page 148 of the New York edition on September 29, 1974, entitled \"Family Improvement\".
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