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home made wine bottle hookah

by:KingKonree     2020-04-11
First of all, this project is very simple.
Depending on the type of bottle you use, this thing looks very artistic and beautiful or very bad.
Last summer, I was lucky to find this \"Sophia\" bottle that my parents left in my apartment, but any bottle was available.
The more common design on the Internet is based on a gold bottle.
Where I live, a hookah is about $50.
I want to derail this cost and see how cheap I can spend.
It\'s $15 in total.
To do this, go to your local hardware giant and bring the bottle you want to use.
Get a piece of copper tube inserted into the bottleneck as close as possible comfortably.
It takes long enough to get close to the bottom of the bottle, so the water is as far away from the hose as possible.
I don\'t even know what diameter my tube is because I tested some and chose the most suitable one.
This size will vary from bottle to bottle.
There is also a 1/2 glass cutting drill.
They are a bit expensive, so try to get someone to borrow one indefinitely.
You also need a drill.
Obviously you need a bottle, but try to get a bottle with almost the same diameter as the bottom of the mouth and bowl so it\'s a little easier to put everything together.
This can be solved, but it looks best if you do.
If you follow my 1/2 glass position instructions, you can buy 1/3 nylon tubes in your favorite Home Improvement Warehouse.
The friend who gave me the idea said that he knew a way to make a bowl, but later described some very rough works, including pottery pots and hemp threads.
I bought my bowl for $5 from a faux hippie store in the mall.
This is the most expensive part I bought.
You also need a rubber nipple, called \"sleeve\", to be sold online or in a cigarette shop as a seal between the glass hole and the nylon pipe.
If you want your mouthpiece to look like mine, you also need to find a pipe part called brass hose rehook or hose trimmer near the nylon pipe.
You also need a roll of tape.
Everything in the list form. -(1)Glass bottle-(1)
Copper pipe length close to bottle. -(1)
1/3 nylon length-(1)
Rubber water cigarette sleeve(1)
Ceramic hookah Bowl(1)
Electrical tape roll-(1)
1/3 brass hose Rewind(1)corded drill-(1)
1/2 glass cut carbide drill bit(1/2)
The first step in making this monster is 1/3 on the bottle, right under the stem, a hole in the curved corner.
To start this hole, scrape a little X where you want the center of the hole.
The glass is very smooth and the drill bit wants to skip on the surface.
Giving it as much traction as possible will help prevent it from looking cracked and itchy and help to determine the beginning of the hole.
When you drill the glass, it will spit out fine and rough dust into the air around your nose.
You should probably wear a mask and some heavy duty rubber gloves and goggles.
I wanted to do it at a cheap price, so I cut a few corners.
What I did was to reduce the lung/glass interaction, take a gallon water tank from the kitchen, put the bottle inside and fill the bottle with water.
This has three purposes: it keeps the glass dust in the solution, not in the air, giving me a place to quickly and easily rinse the bottle and lubricate the surface of the drill.
It is important to have a good drill here.
The battery-driven drill bit loses its vitality throughout the drilling process, although this is good for less precise and subtle applications, drilling a hole half an inch wide in a fancy corner of the bottle is not one of them.
The key to making this hole correctly is low speed, medium pressure.
If you are like me, just put the bottle on the towel between the legs, the lighter the pressure, the better.
Try to tilt the bit and rotate it into a circle while drilling to level the hole and prevent the bit from digging out too much glass at a time.
This step takes a while, but if it is done right, the glass will not break and the holes will not break.
Once you are deep enough, the tip of the drill bit will not be exposed above the hole and stop drilling.
You are close enough to 1/2 to put your sleeves and tubes in, and if you go too long, you risk drilling holes to make the bottle useless.
The next step is to bring the new-
Drill bottles in local cigarette shops.
Ask for a rubber sleeve and they should produce something similar to the attached picture.
Push the sleeve into the drill until the embedded ring on the sleeve is flush with the hole on the glass.
Next, take the nylon hose and dip the end into vegetable oil or other non-
Toxic and oily substances
If you need it, you can wipe it on your forehead.
This is just to make it easier for the hose to enter the sleeve.
Perfect fit.
Cut the other end of the hose at the length you want, and press the brass hook to the exposed end.
Now put your bowl at the end of the copper tube until about 3/4 away.
Mark the tube at the bottom of the bowl and grab some tape, the perfect gift from God to DIYer.
Wrap the copper tube with tape, and the bottom edge extends along the top of the mark.
This will serve as a seal between the clay bowl and the copper tube.
This amount will vary depending on the diameter of the bowl and tube, but you should pack loosely to increase the grip.
Press the bowl on the tape/pipe combination and make sure it fits.
Then, put the pipe down the bottle until the bottom of the pipe is about half an inch from the bottom of the bottle.
The mark on the copper pipe at the top of the bottle that meets the pipe.
Once again, bring your electronic tape and wrap the copper tube up until it sticks to the mouth of the bottle.
Now is a good time to put water into the bottle, which is about half below the hose.
Assemble the whole thing, take some air through the tube and cover the top of the bowl with your hand.
If any suction is lost, there will be a leak somewhere.
You can test the leak as if you found a hole in the bike tube.
Fill the tub deep enough to completely cover the hookah and drown everything but the end of the hose.
Stretch your hand into the water, cover the bowl again and absorb the air.
No matter where you see the foam, there will be a leak.
If the bubbles that come out of the bowl, you know that your seal is good, you may just have hands with strange shapes, which is not necessarily a bad thing.
If the bubbles come from around the hose sleeve, check which side of the hose sleeve they come from.
If it is between the sleeve and the hole, you may have cut the hole while drilling, need epoxy, then try again in a different place, or throw away the bottle.
My design was done on a weekend and cost $15.
This is certainly not the best project, but as far as I know, this is the cheapest way to build the most fully functional hookah.
Here are some of the improvements that I have noticed that can be made throughout the building process to make the whole building stronger.
When you drill with a half inch bit, it takes time to start drilling.
A long, long time.
They sell four or five sets in incremental fashion.
Size of 20-
$30, which will make the whole thing more smooth. My half-
The inch drill bit is still available, but many carbide coatings on it are now worn out due to very slight wear.
If it is not in 3 stages, then at least in 2 stages, I would definitely suggest stepping up.
Making a starter hole first will make it faster to finish the hole and less damage to the drill bit.
That said, you also need to adjust the pressure you put on the drill bit.
The surface area of the smaller drill bit is small, and the pressure/Area Glass increases exponentially.
If you press it a little hard, it might break. Be careful.
I was really lucky and didn\'t hurt myself at all.
Still, my drilling is so smooth, partly because of the structural integrity inherent to the surface.
Drilling a piece of flat glass is a completely different game.
The bottle is thick and curved, which is good for you.
I would also recommend trying some silicone tape.
After I finished the hookah seal, I found it while checking Home Depot.
The problem with silicone tape is $6 per roll.
I don\'t think most of the price of this item is in the tape of the shoddy sealing bowl and bottle, and I think the melting point of the silicone is lower than the electrical tape, which leads to my next point.
There are many online rumors about how dangerous it is to smoke through copper.
People talk about lock claws and Alzheimer\'s, and what copper tubes can help create.
As I did in high school, I was very clear about smoking through aluminum cans and waste brass pipes for good reason.
The difference is that when you smoke, you will actively burn something with a Zhengding lighter, which is in contact with the dangerous metal of your choice.
This design places an air chamber about an inch deep, as well as a fairly thick ceramic wall and aluminum tray (
Not mentioned earlier)
Between the burning coal and any metal pipe.
I am not a scientist and have no interest in drawing a conclusion for you about the ethics of metal poisoning or smoking, but I use this thing without fear.
I did several tests without tobacco, absorbed heat, sucked air directly from coal, made the whole thing as hot as possible, and then removed the bowl from the tube, touched with the back of my hand and the bowl was colder than room temperature.
I can\'t see how any toxins in copper are released without a lot of heat hitting the pipe first, and I can tell you that coal doesn\'t heat the pipe like the hot water in my bathroom sink, the hot water passes through the copper tube completely.
During the two years I lived in the apartment, I didn\'t drink the hot water on the tap to make tea, and didn\'t worry at all about getting hot water from water or hookah.
That is to say, hookah is really bad for you.
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